Monday, December 7, 2015


I still felt sort of sluggish today, so I took it rather easy. I did do another strength session (because I feel compelled to keep adding to my total in the Endurance Corner Steel Challenge). I'm up to 64K+ lbs moved in the last 8 days. I've found that requires a pretty high volume (and consistent sessions!) to make the numbers add up. If I was lifting heavy I don't think I'd be physically capable of hitting that kind of total volume because I'm just not strong enough- nor adapted to super heavy weights. I did up my dead lifts to 105lbs today. Did 4 sets of 8 of those which only totaled 3360lbs. I prob could have gotten a bigger total there had I stuck with 95lbs b/c I could have done like 4x12 and that would have been an additional ~1200lbs! These are the kinds of things one thinks about when playing silly games like this. It's not altogether different though from planning running volume vs intensity. If you keep intensity on the low side, you can run a lot and not get hurt or even really *that* tired. When you start adding intensity though, that limits total volume. Finding the right mix (given your goals and the time of year) is the key. I'm not as well versed in the strength training world so I can't say I really have any specific weight training goals, other than to post a high number on the board- without hurting myself nor limiting my running. So far so good. The fact is, I'm not going to win that challenge b/c several of the guys are quite strong and are lifting HUGE and have like 90K+ logged already. So my goal, really, is just to put up something respectable for a girl. #LikeAGirl

Afterward I jogged 3+ miles with Maia and it was a little easier/slower than yesterday which I think was fine/good. I'm going to try again tomorrow for the long run. I'm heading into town to ocean swim first thing with a friend of mine and afterward I am thinking about running from Hawaii Kai to Waimanalo (and back). It's a beautiful coastline that I have ridden my bike on a ton, but I've never run it. Doing something fun and different like that is intriguing and motivating and just the kind of thing I'm looking for right now. If I run that way, my view will look something like this.
Maia might get the day off tomorrow. We'll see?

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