Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Free At Last!

Every time we run by a certain woodsy area, Maia insists on stopping to thoroughly sniff out the area. I'm not sure what lives back there... possibly some wild cats but it's also probable that there are wild pigs back there. Whatever it is, Maia has high interest. Today on our way home she pulled hard and managed to get part way in to the trees before trying to come back, then when she came back she managed to wrap her leash around a tree which clearly pulled in a way that was very uncomfortable. Consequently she managed to squirm right out her harness. FREE AT LAST she darted right into the woods, up the hill... I couldn't see her and I worried for a second that she'd get lost but then decided to trust her and let her do her thing. It seems reasonable that she was a hunting dog in her past life so I figured she knew what she was doing. After a few minutes I called her and she came scrambling back, panting but clearly very happy... She just kind of looked at me like hang on just give me a few more minutes and with that she disappeared again up the hill and into the woods. Eventually she came back and let me put the harness back on and we resumed our run. She was a muddy mess, but a happy happy dog. Makes me think I might need to explore some trail running at some point.

I felt quite good today, like I didn't really need more than a day of rest and I had the thought that I could go run again this afternoon. Regardless, I stuck to my plan of taking this week easy so I did not run again today. I did put together a decent lifting session- in my side yard, not the gym.  Already I feel like I could get back to 'normal' training but I think I'll keep tomorrow light anyway.

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