Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday Swim

This morning I was running a bit behind schedule and when it was time to head out to the pool I realized I'd only had one shot of espresso. On some days I would just let that go, but it was Wednesday and that means Lectie would likely show up which means it was going to be a good solid swim effort... A 2nd shot this morning was a necessity. So there I was outside my front door trying to slam a shot of hot espresso prior to jogging down to the pool...

Happy to prove the study above to be spot on. Either that, or my little recovery block is working. I felt about as strong as I've felt in months today in the water. We did a 1000 w/u (as usual) then a solid 1800 meter main set (in less than 28minutes!) It was similar to Monday in that we worked some pace changes but different in that even our 'recovery' efforts had to be a solid pace simply to make the send-offs. I was getting 6-16" rest after each swim, which turned out to be plenty. Mark and Lectie were getting more. Everybody worked hard this morning.

3x200's steady @3:10, 1x100 fast @1:30
2x200's steady @3:10, 2x100's fast @1:30
1x200 steady @3:10, 3x100's fast @1:30

I was super happy that I was holding 1:27-1:28 pace on the 200's and that was very sustainable even after 1:23-1:24 pace on the 100's on short rest. Pretty stoked to not slow down at all through the whole set. I fully expected that I would. And honestly, had Lectie not been there I would have given myself more roomy send-offs.... Starting this set I really thought it was just going to be a 'make the send-off' type set, so it was fun to surprise myself a bit. Yet another example of how fast training partners force you to up your game.

One more day with just a dog jog then I'll return to regular run training tomorrow.

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Steve said...

Haven't been commenting much, but love the frequent updates. :) read them all Michelle.