Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I wish I could report a more interesting weekend, but as I am not in the business of making stuff up, I'll just say that it's been somewhat relaxing.

It's kind of starting to feel like winter here on the Windward side of Oahu. Of course, our winters aren't quite like those on the mainland, but after almost 4 years here now, I can certainly sense the change. It's kind of nice, really. More dark, thick clouds, a little cooler and stronger wind, and just an overall sense of 'winter'. Hoku and I walked 4 hilly miles yesterday (and today too) and the cooler temps made it way more bearable, especially considering that all the sleeping in (and coffee in bed!) that Scott and I are doing these days causes the morning walks not to start until at least 9:00 AM.

Yesterday I met a couple of my old training buddies at the pool to swim*. It felt great to be social in my workouts a bit. One of the challenges of pregnancy workouts (for me) has been all the solitude. Since I feel like I just need to go my own cruisy pace all the time, it doesn't feel right to me to schedule workouts with others who are actually training b/c I can't push myself to keep up right now. Soon I will though. Soon. I like training with my friends. Much of my social outlet has to do with meeting my training partners for our weekly sessions so being a part of their lives again, even in a small way, lifted my spirits. :) Anyway, I got in 12,500 meters of swimming this week and am starting to have fleeting ambitions of attempting a long ocean swim race here in December. It's almost 4.5 miles and I did it 2 years ago which was the last time it was held. Of course it all depends on when baby decides to make his/her appearance, and what kind of delivery I have. So I haven't sent my entry in yet. But assuming baby comes in the next 2 weeks and I don't have to have a c-section, I think it may be reasonable for me to complete the event. I don't have any unrealistic expectations of being all speedy or anything, but I definitely think that it would be possible for me to finish without drowning, which would good since I'll have an infant waiting to be fed at the end. ;)

Anyway, in other weekend adventures, there's not much to report. Scott and I did make it to the beach today. At some point while sitting on the couch watching mindless and repetitive news stories on CNN, we looked at each other and thought we have to get out of here. So we took the mutt to the beach. She didn't care that it was cloudy and cold. She didn't even care that her mouth was always full of sand while trying to retrieve her tennis ball. It's the simple things that make her happy and watching her pure joy at playing in the waves is always a good reminder of how great we have it.

So obviously no baby appearances yet. I've been feeling especially crampy more often than ever, and the contractions continue, although not in any regular way. I promise I'll write at least a short blog to let you know when I'm on my way to the hospital, assuming at some point it feels like its time to go. So no news is, well, no news. Hopefully soon there will be news!

*In honor of the lack of sun and cooler winds, I actually wore a fleece to the pool and was glad I did b/c the water was quite a bit chillier and I found myself having flashbacks of shivering while swimming all winter last year! We are so spoiled here. Fleece b/c it was only like 74 degrees. HA!


Angela and David Kidd said...

12,500 meters is so impressive. Your little one is going to love the water.

Good luck with the last couple of days. Maybe because you are in beautiful Hawaii they will go more quickly for you than they did for me.

Kate Parker said...

Any fleece is good fleece, I think!

BreeWee said...

No joke, Kona feels like winter too! Well, as wintery as it gets!!

17 days till the little one comes, that will be here before you know it! Go do all the things that are challenging to find time to do when you have a baby to care for... hair, nails, movie theater, girl time... enjoy your time with the hubby before baby too!

Please keep the baby updates coming, they flood me with great memories!

Frayed Laces said...

blech. i don't like this winter in hawaii. Wind is not conducive to good biking. Give me my sunshine, please!

Clare said...

finding slower friends to run with (and acting as "coach!") totally helped me through...not sure i would've kept up as long as i did without them,even though i'm "benched"right now! enjoy "winter..." i'd trade for a hawaii winter anytime!!