Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last Pregnancy Pics

Ok, I think these will be the final pictures of me being pregnant. Primarily because I'm not going to allow any more to be taken in this swollen state! :) How's that belly button? You can see it right through all my shirts.
And I admit my presumptuousness (is that a word?), I caved in and bought this little pumpkin Halloween outfit for baby... just in case he/she makes an appearance prior to the fun holiday, I figured we'd be neglectful parents if we didn't allow Baby Simmons to participate in the fun! (Either that, or I'm suffering from some sort of disorder that causes me to want to play dress-up with my newborn. Cut a new mom some slack, will ya?) Regardless, I think it would be so fun if this was Baby's coming home outfit! It's another rainy fall day here in Hawaii. I keep waiting for it to let up so I can get outside for a walk. In the meantime, I've found myself totally absorbed in several baby books that I find quite interesting. Of course, they offer almost completely opposite advice in several areas (mostly pertaining to timing/scheduling of feedings and sleep). I think it's good to be exposed to different viewpoints before making your own decisions about what path you want to take. The funniest thing to me was reading BabyWise (which I read first) and thinking this totally makes sense to me... and then reading Baby411 and thinking Wow what a helpful and factual book... and then getting to the part where Baby411 comes right out and slams BabyWise for its philosophies. No wonder moms all over are so confused. Good thing we have instincts I guess.


N.D. said...

you look so cute. Love the halloween gear too! I hope it is wishful thinking! What are the cliffs notes for Baby wise? I have it, and I feel like I'm clinging to every word. So I can't read it unless I'm focused - which is hardly ever.

Kate Parker said...

You look amazing. All belly.

Hoping you get to use that outfit for Baby Simmons!

Agree with you on the baby book confusion. With our first, I picked one and stayed with it. (Baby Whisperer) I could only deal with one ideology....too much information and opinions made my feel like my head might explode.

IVF Running Mama said...

You look great! I think Baby Simmons will come any day now....Is it awful to confess that I'm a little jealous that you lost your mucous plug???

I am reading Baby Wise....everything does totally contradict...I think you just have to find the method that works best for your baby, but having some concepts to frame your approach are helpful.

Clare said...

nice! my belly button is flattening out and it's creepy! love the pumpkin...good luck! i feel like i'm not really doing/reading ANYTHING to prepare...not for labor or after! except my sister in law gave me "the happiest baby on the block" and i''m trudging through it...maybe the surge of touchy-feely hormones has to hit me before i can really get into it (or, maybe 3 nights without sleep and a crying baby will slap my into reality).

Angela and David Kidd said...

You look great! Reading all the books can be maddening. One book said to put your baby on a sleeping and eating schedule at 4 weeks. There is NO WAY that is possible.

The Chapples said...

Looking gorgeous!

I am hopeful you have your baby before Halloween too!

kerrie said...

you look gorgeous! hoping that you have an easy and relatively fast delivery!
as for babywise....i guess it depends on your life philosophy - babies aren't born on a schedule and nurse on demand and their appetite and sleep needs change as they grow. usually when they cry, it is their way of saying that they need something. there are studies out there linking slow gaining/growing babies to babywise.

however if you are planning on bottle feeding and believe that your baby is trying to manipulate you by crying and wanting to be held ;), then babywise is probably the book.

TrainingtoTri said...

Turkey's done :) You look great! I hope you get to use that outfit.