Friday, October 3, 2008

Today Is NOT That Day

To steal a quote from Frayed Laces...

I am torn between being relieved and being disappointed.

Doc says I'm 1 cm dilated, which is a change from last week, but essentially all these contractions I'm having aren't having a real big effect. Doc seemed to think that could change at any time, although I just read that a breech baby doesn't cause a woman to dilate as rapidly b/c the head is not pressing on the cervix...

It's really too early to have this baby... it would be quite little if it were born now (less than 5.5 lbs) so it's really better to let it stay in there and grow a little more before coming out to meet us. On the other hand, thinking about continuing to have these painful menstual-like cramps nearly full time for the next several weeks isn't exactly a thrilling thought for me.

Looks like we're scheduling the External Version (to turn the baby head down) for sometime next week (assuming I don't actually go into labor first). She said they might not actually even try it if I'm still having contractions every 3 minutes because my uterus would be too hard for them to get in there and manipulate baby's position. I'm waiting for a call back from the hospital where they would do it to get an appointment.

Doc also said that if the turning doesn't work and baby stays breech (or turns itself back afterward), that a perinatologist at that teaching hospital may go ahead and allow me to try a vaginal breech delivery. I'll have to cross that bridge if/when we come to it. Anyone out there reading this ever delivered a breech baby vaginally? If so, please contact me and let me know about your experience!

So the contractions continue. It doesn't seem to matter if I sit, stand, sleep, shower, or swim... so I think I'll spend the rest of my pre-labor time in the water... Then again, if I don't get some sleep soon I'd probably drown. Being up the last 2 nights with these contractions is taking its toll. Nap time now for mommy.


N.D. said...

Oh goodness - wow!! What is normal for going into labor as far as being dilated? I hope it waits a little and chills out and doesn't give you these contractions. But how exciting that you'll have a little baby soon! i'm so jealous!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Oh wow. Good luck. I hope your little one turns soon! I can't imagine having contractions for days or weeks. Hopefully the subside a little for you and you are able to make it a few more weeks.

Frayed Laces said...

You forgot another "s"....SEX! Isn't that supposed to help speed things along?

Maybe some *poking* will encourage the little one to start moving around. (Sorry to be graphic, but what the's Friday!)

You can steal my quote anytime!

rr said...

I was hoping for today, I must admit..

My mom had a breech baby the old fashioned way. She's in town.. but here's the story as I know it:

She had the version, it worked, then she went to the dentist. While in the chair, the baby flipped back. She panicked and went into labor so fast that he was coming out before they could prep her for a csection.. and viola, my brother Peter.