Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full Term!

It's kind of a tease, really, to be considered 'full term' at 37 weeks even though your due date is still an excrutiatingly long 3 weeks away.

When you're this big and pregnant, 3 weeks is an eternity.

I know I'm supposed to 'enjoy' this time... that advice coming from all those lucky ones who have their babies and aren't pregnant anymore. I've heard that I should savor my sleep and quiet time... take long showers... and get a pedicure. And sometimes I try to do that stuff. Like the other morning when Scott and I were all relaxed and drinking coffee in bed while watching the morning news... that was nice. That probably won't happen too often after I'm done giving birth. Partly because the baby will keep us quite occupied I'm sure, but partly because once I'm physically able, I'll be out the door running instead of relaxing in bed over coffee!!

Anyway, no real guesses on how much longer 'til we get to meet our little one. I keep hoping the time is coming soon though so I'm hyper-attentive to every little twinge I feel in my abdominal area. For the last several days I've felt lots of sharp pains in my pelvis, almost like my pelvis is unstable and ready to split itself apart. (Nice, huh?) It happens more when I'm on a long walk with Hoku, although I'll also feel it if I've been sitting for a while and then stand up and take a step. I googled 'pelvic pain at 37 weeks pregnant' and it sounds like its pretty common- a sign that baby's head is nestling down into my pelvis. That sounds like an encouraging sign! Anyone felt this before?

So we continue to hurry up and wait! Next MD appt is Friday and boy wouldn't it be nice to hear that progress is being made down there?


Frayed Laces said...

Hi Girlie!
I work at Coconut Island, so I sort of swim in K-bay. It is a nursery for baby hammerheads, but they're not around where I swim.

By the way, we have met before.... long story but I was talking to Lee Shannon (a new colleague of mine) about pregnancies and he asked if I remembered a bellydancer from his Halloween party last year. He said "she used to do ironmans but is now about to have a baby." I her last name simmons? He goes, "yeah, Michelle..." I said "I know her as Mama! She's totally my blogging buddy!"

My coworkers just rolled their eyes (this conversation happened over lunch)

Clare said...

yay for making it to full term! i bet the next few weeks (or days?) will be so annoying...i would be so impatient!!!

N.D. said...

haha, FL comment made me laugh!!
You are doing great! I hope baby comes out soon so that you are comfortable, but in the meantime enjoy!! You have a great attitude and you are going to be a great mama!

rr said...

For me it was the whole my-pubic-bone-is going to split feeling.. but yes, you're so close! Hang in there, you can't be pregnant forever. Seriously, it always ends :)

The Chapples said...

I've been having the same pelvic pain for a while now. My baby's been head-down for many weeks now. You know, I am starting to get annoyed with people who tell me to "relax and just enjoy this time before the baby comes." I CAN'T relax! I want my baby! :P Here's hoping your last three weeks go quickly! It's DRAGGING to me.

Alicia Parr said...

Yeah, pelvic pain. That's why I had to stop running. THEN, I got it when I just walked. It's a good sign that the baby is nice and low. To be honest, I hardly remember the pain already. Funny.

Clare said...

thanks for your comments on my post...i was hoping you'd read it before i had to go to the hospital! i'm just so sure it's nothing...hope the test proves me right, for now!