Monday, October 6, 2008

Aloha Baby

Decorating the nursery has been a challenge for me. Not knowing if we're having a boy or a girl is part of that, but it's also because I'm just not altogether artistic or creative and trying to pick out all this cutesy baby stuff hasn't come so naturally.

I've spent a lot of time surfing websites looking for the right crib bedding and although I found some that seemed acceptable, nothing really blew me away and made me think, "That's it!" And crib bedding collections are way more expensive than you'd think... add shipping to Hawaii and you're looking at $400+ which just seems ridiculous to me.

But my baby is not going to sleep on a sheetless mattress, and I'm already feeling the pressure to be a good mommy and provide the cutest stuff for my kid, so I persevered with my search. Finally I found the "Aloha Baby Collection"... sweet! Totally unisex and decorated with palm trees and surf boards. That's perfect. I'll spend $$$ on that. Click to order. Add to basket. And then the notice appears:

Order cannot be processed. Item has been discontinued.


I checked several more websites and they all said they same thing... item unavailable. I was pretty bummed. Back to the drawing board.

I figured rather than spending all that extra money to have some random crib bedding that I didn't even like so much shipped here, that I would just go into town and shop around in person at the two baby stores we have here on Oahu. (We don't have Babies-R-Us which is a bummer.) Anyway, with some amount of ambivalence, I walked into the first store to check out what I knew would be a limited selection of stuff.

And then there it was. I spotted it immediately from across the room.

Me: (to store clerk): Is that the Aloha Baby Collection?

Clerk: Yes. Let me check though to see what we actually have in stock...

I waited, almost holding my breath, until she came back and told me they had 2 left. I'll take it! And just like that I plopped down my credit card and took those palm tree decorated sheets, bumpers and mobile home to my nest.
I also got the Aloha Shirt shaped diaper stacker...
And the cute Beach Baby hamper...

The nest is almost complete! And Mama Simmons is happy. :)


Kate Parker said...

congrats....the ever elusive aloha crib set seems meant to be!

Clare said...

super cute! i love when things are just meant to be!

TrainingtoTri said...

Ahhhh how cute. It was fate.

Angela and David Kidd said...

So cute. Unisex is tough but it looks like you made out well.

N.D. said...

That looks sooo cute!!! I bet having to work harder for it made it even more fun to get!!