Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boy or Girl???

So I've been getting lots of comments lately about whether I'm having a boy or a girl... Everyone seems to have their theory based on the size/shape of my big belly...I'm kind of leaning girl... not sure why. Maybe it's because 4 of my close neighbors here just recently had boys and I think that for the sake of evening out the world's population I have to have a girl! But Scott has had some definite boy premonitions (even though he can't decide on a name yet if indeed he's right).

What do you think? I set up a poll on the sidebar to the right... You can practice voting starting now! :)


Ellen said...

i say boy

Clare said...

everyone i know is having or had a girl so i was convinced i'd have a boy...but nope! (at least they still tell me it's a girl!) i don't see how people can really think one thing or another based on how someone's carrying...that's just weird!