Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Much Of A Good Thing

At what point does too much of a good thing become not so good?
For the aging dog with arthritis, the threshold is apparently a fun filled weekend comprised of 2 x 4 mile hilly walks followed by 2 hours of playing in the waves at the beach. That combination apparently makes standing up on Monday morning impossible.

It was actually quite sad this morning. Normally we are greeted like royalty as we descend the stairs in the mornings... the big black dog waiting at the bottom with her happy eyes and wagging tail. But this morning, she didn't get out of bed to come say hi. Didn't pay attention while we were eating breakfast and didn't even beg for her own food. And when I told her that it was time to go outside, she looked at me with perky eyes and ears, but still didn't move.

Scott then attempted to rouse her, which did instill a sense of urgency for her to make a bigger effort to get up. She stood, walked 3 steps, then plopped right back down on the rug and gave us a sad face. :(

Scott and I decided that she needed to get outside to go to the bathroom, and she would need to be carried. He would have to do it before he left for work because I'm certainly in no shape to carry a 60 pound dog down the steps.
So down they went, dog and master, to the great outdoors where we were hoping Hoku would get the hint and empty her bladder. No such luck. Fresh air wasn't going to help her use her hind legs for support and she immediately just collapsed to her belly on the concrete sidewalk. It was very sad! Decision was finally made that Scott would take her to work with him and at lunchtime they would go to the vet together to get some type of anti-inflammatory/pain-killer for dogs.
It sucks... getting old...


N.D. said...

awww: ( It is so hard when they get old!

hatfields-in-hawaii said...

Oh poor Hoku! I hope the vet helped him out today. He'll probably be thrilled to have the rest when baby arrives :-) Keep us posted if anything changes!! I'm so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

oh that is sooo sad michele, she sounds sick, hopefully not arthritis....