Sunday, February 8, 2009

You're Faster Than You Think

Years ago I remember seeing a Nike ad in a running magazine... with the phase You're Faster Than You Think.

I've never forgotten that phrase.

This morning I ran an 8K just to see how fast I could run for 5 miles. I really wasn't sure. But I put it out on Facebook that my goal was to get under 39 minutes. I don't normally make my goals public. I guess that way it's easier if you don't reach your goal, because nobody knew what it was anyway... Or sometimes you might tell somone your 'C' goal, even though privately your goal is to go faster than that. But at least you save face if you make that watered down goal you told everyone.

Truth be told, I wasn't really sure I could get under 39 minutes today. That would be faster than 7:48 pace. I knew I could do that for a couple miles, but wasn't sure about 5 in a row. And this race went up and over Diamond Head on the way out and back so I wasn't sure how that hill would affect my pace.

But I put it out there publicly, and even though none of you really truly honestly care, I still felt all this pressure to do it.

Warming up this morning I had all these negative thoughts.

Boy, it's windy. That might slow me down.

Oh no, my hamstrings feel tight. I might not be able to go that fast.

I really shouldn't have done that 3 hour hilly ride yesterday and an hour run. My legs are gonna be too fatigued to run fast today.

I lined up with everyone else and before I knew it the horn went off and we were running. I wore my Garmin so I could get my splits, and came through the first mile in 7:28. You're faster than you think, I told myself. I ran up Diamond Head, and my pace slowed some up the hill, but still got up it in 7:56 for the second mile. I felt strong.

You're faster than you think.

Next 3 miles 7:27, 7:29, 7:38. My Garmin said my 5 mile time was 37:59. Holy crap! Race finish line was actually a little further down the road, so my official time was38:07. But still. Holy crap! I'm faster than I think!


N.D. said...

you did amazing! great job!!!

The Chapples said...


Angela and David Kidd said...

Great job! I like that "You're faster than you think." I might borrow it.

Angela said...

That's awesome. You're rubbing off on me mentally...thanks for being such an encouraging person!

X-Country2 said...

Great job! Amazing race!

aron said...

awesome job!!!!! that quote is so true, i will definitely have to remind myself of that :)

rr said...

I just checked those results.. you did so great! Congratulations. You're faster than you think :)

Ordinarylife said...

wow, well done!

The Salty One said...

There's nothing else like discovering that you're faster than you think! I love that feeling!! Hopefully, that happens to you many more times in the future!!!

Lozzie said...

That's awesome Michelle! You're giving us all a reason to run faster!

Rebecca DeWire said...

AWESOME RUN!!!!!!!! I am a big believer in making goals public so I enjoyed your thoughts on that. Also, what a great are faster than you think.