Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finding Our Feet

Well it doesn't get much better than mornings like today. After an awesome track workout with Nalani and Bob, I had time to shower, eat breakfast, drink another cup of french roast, then peek into my daughter's room to see if she was awake yet. Indeed.

Check it out... Moana and I have both found our feet.

Moana has discovered that hers are fun to play with. Her mom has found out the same thing. Only playing with mine doesn't involve trying to get them in my mouth... more like trying to make them fly around a track at the right pace.

And I am happy to report that we have both found success!

One thing I think is amazing is that babies are apparently so predictable... I've been following a bunch of blogs of babies that are 5-10 weeks older than Moana... and I think each of them have posted something about babies finding their feet and then being obsessed with them. So I've been waiting for it with Moana... then sure enough... I looked over yesterday and saw that she had her foot in her hand and she pretty much hasn't let go since.


Mnowac said...

That first picture just warms my heart! Nice job on the track workouts.

Natalie D said...

aww- that is so adorable! great job on the workout for you & way to go Moana!! so.. how much sleep do you get? I don't think I can get up at 6 or 7 for my workout, I need the sleep!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Good luck keeping socks on and getting her changed now! Tonight Zach decided to take his socks off while I was feeding him green beans and stick his sock in his mouth between spoonful of beans. One day we'll start working on manners.

Great job on the track workout. I can't wait to hit the track (still covered in snow here). It feels great to go fast.

Ordinarylife said...

She is so gorgeous!

Mer! said...

HI!! Ok so you left a msg on my blog so I wanted to come check out yours!! AWESOME! I hope i'm not too "stalker-ish" but i'm going to have to go back a few months so I can track your exercising while pregnant so I can stay motivated here!! =0. Can I just say you're awesome and I hope that not only does my "training" continue while pregnant as long as yours did, but that my little one is half as cute as Moana!! She is PRECIOUS!!!

Thanks SO much for the encouragement on my blog--i'm sure you know a little goes a long way at this point and I *hope* *hope* that I can get faster after I deliver too, *that* would be SUCH a present!!!

Take care and i'm going to keep following your blog!! So excited things are going so great for you all!!

Angela said...

Isn't it just the cutest thing! It makes you want to sit there and play with those little piggies all day.

Congrats on the track workout. Tim's giving me some intervals to do on the TM so hopefully that will help break up my runs a little.

Andrea said...

yay! her tabbie blanket is in her crib! ;-) sorry i missed your birthday. i'm certain that should have been on my calendar. hmmm... my technology is failing me (but still 100 x better than relying on my own memory)! hope you had a great day.

Sara said...

I love that first picture...you have to wonder what's going through her mind :-) I have to agree with Angela, the changing table will never be the same!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

OMG - those pictures are PRECIOUS! Absolutely adorable!!! Hooray that you've both found your feet - awesome!