Friday, February 13, 2009

Nalani Is An Animal

This morning we decided to do a version of Bree's swim set... but since we only had an hour to swim, we cut out all the fluff (i.e. easy stuff and drills) and just did the hard stuff. That might have been a mistake, because a little bit of easy swimming in the middle sure would have been nice.

So after a 500 meter w/u, our version of her set went like this:

600 moderate
6x100s @ 1:40, hold 1:30-1:31
400 moderate
4x100's @ 1:40, hold 1:29-1:30
200 moderate
2x100's @ 1:40, 1:28/1:29

The moderate swims weren't at all easy. Nalani totally pushed the pace on the 400, which sort of surprised me because usually she just swims whatever pace everyone else is doing. I was hesitant to go too hard on the moderate stuff because I didn't want to be blown for the 100's... But as it was, we went fast the whole time, and faster as the set went on.

I felt all relieved after the 2x100's at the end, and was proud that we did them both under 1:30. I was ready for 100 easy and then home for more coffee.

Until I heard Nalani say, "We totally have to go 1:27 on this last one."

Me: "What? We're done. Warming down. Easy. All pau."

Naliani: "Seriously? No one wants to swim 100 hard?"

Me: "Seriously, no one wants to swim 100 hard. Warm down."

Naliani (looking like a sad puppy): "Seriously?"

And then there I was, feeling like a wimp for not wanting to go another 100 hard... so I gave in, looked at my watch, and muttered, "OK. We'll go in 15 seconds."

I felt good for the first 40 meters or so, then started to struggle. Tried to take a break and relax at the turn, but looked over and saw Nalani right there working it, so I put my head down and raced her back to the wall. Looking down at my watch as we touched the wall, I reported our time. 1:23. Nice. Now we really deserved that easy warm down...


keep on running said...

Ouch! That has got to hurt, I think my warm down would have involved sitting in the sauna.

Clare said...

100 m in 1:27? that sounds so easy. on land.

Frayed Laces said...

Wow I just got caught up on all your posts. Your training is going so well! Way to go!

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like a great day. I need a nap just reading about it!

Alicia Parr said...

Nice! I had to plug your numbers into a meters to yards converter to grasp the actual speed, but you've sure got that engine going these days.

kerrie said...

wow - that is hardcore...especially since you are talking meters.
nice - with your solid running and your killer swim, you are going to put together some fast racing this season!!!

N.D. said...

great job - you are rocking all the sports!