Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Passing (?)

Yesterday, Matt Fitzgerald wrote a blog about how when he runs, nobody out on the road passes him. And if they try, he plays little games with them but in the end, they don't pass him.

I couldn't relate.

Ok, maybe in the pool I can sort-of kind-of relate. At a masters practice there will always be someone faster than me... but if I just go over to the pool to swim on my own, I generally don't encounter too many people who can beat me up too bad. And if someone tries, I generally do what I can to give 'em a good workout.

But running? Plenty of people are faster than me. Since I typically surround myself with some very high quality athletes, sometimes it seems that everyone is faster than me.

So this morning I was out running and saw a guy up ahead... and to my surprise, I was catching him. And in short order, I passed him. And he wasn't even wearing tube socks.

Then later into the run, I saw 2 more people running. Passed them too. What's going on?? I don't pass people when I'm running. They pass me.

Maybe there are more people out on the road running because it's a New Year's Resolution or something and they're all just trying to get into shape... or maybe I'm getting faster?


Chris Jones said...

I remember my first roadkill in a race, on the bike. Dude decked out in aero gear, riding an expensive Softride frame complete with Zipp disc wheelset. "Psh...pass." It was almost a spiritually validating experience. I start to tear up just thinking about it. :)

N.D. said...

It's a good thing to focus on / attempt to do!!! you're a swimmer mama and now rocking the running scene! It is so funny when I start trying to beat someone at swimming and get ahead then look over, lately it has been people barely floating. Hahhaha!

Clare said...

oooh, i can't wait to be back on the other side of passing! not that i'm that fast either but it sucked being passed while pregnant (but not LOOKING pregnant). soon...soon....