Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hit Of The Party

Moana got to go to several Christmas parties this weekend! She was totally the hit of the party both times, even with her eyes closed. ;)

Friday night we took her to my swim team Christmas Party. She was allowed to be in the team picture because we all figure that one of these days she's going to be swimming... probably faster than any of us.

Saturday night we took her to Scott's work party, which was at a nice local restaurant. This made me nervous, because what if she throws a fit in the middle of dinner? Then we'd be that couple who brought their screaming infant and ruined everyone's Christmas Party dinner. Lucky for us though, she was a little angel and just slept the whole time. Scott loved showing her off to his coworkers, who were equally interested in coming over and cooing at her. It seems like whenever we take her out somewhere, she just kind of shuts down... she closes her eyes and just quietly waits for it to be over. Then when we get home (or in the car) she lets us know that she's been starving to death for hours and might actually die on the spot if she doesn't get some food immediately. We have learned to limit her outings to like 2 hours, and make sure she gets fed in a quiet place just before arrival.


Frayed Laces said...

God I am such a dork. Here I am, scanning your photo to see if I recognize any of the local athletes, haha!

X-Country2 said...

What a fun looking crew!

N.D. said...

AWww.. how cute that she is a super good baby and always good for you when you go out!! looks like a fun time!! cute pic!!!

Clare said...

we had the same scenario last night...slept all the way through the party and screamed bloody murder all the way home!