Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Cool View

I swear, I wasn't going to write another post about what a great workout I had today... so that's not what this post is about... but I just can't go without mentioning the bike ride that Kristen and I had today... the one where, for the first time in cycling history, we had a tailwind both ways on an out and back ride. Seriously, it's never happened like that before, but I swear we had such a huge tailwind on the way out and I was sure that we were really in for it coming home... and it sucked for maybe 5 miles straight into a really stiff wind... but then suddenly we were flying along without a care in the world! One time after a successful stage in the Tour de France George Hincapie was quoted as saying something about having to look down at his chain to make sure it was still on because he couldn't even feel it... that's how Kristen and I felt today! She actually said, "This is the best day ever!" and I totally agreed. So fast. So easy. Nice and sunny ride along the coast of Oahu. Ok. I'll stop now about the awesome workout.

What this post is really about now... Rachel called today and said she was going down to Kailua Beach to stalk Barack Obama... she wanted to meet Moana... and I thought that Moana should really meet Barack... so off to the beach we went!

We weren't allowed to be too close to the house where they were staying... but this was the scene. Those two guys standing there without their bathing suits on didn't let anyone pass. Barack wasn't even there. But Sasha and Malia were running around and playing. And there were a bunch of people hanging out trying to get a glimpse. I have no shame. I was there too.

I'm really hoping that some of Rachel's running genes were transferred to Moana today.

Moana enjoyed herself at the beach... wide eyed... looking around.

She had a cool view to look at.


rr said...

She really is beautiful.. let's do it again.. tomorrow? The next day? ha ha :) Thanks for coming to say hi!

Clare said...

glad to see moana is still a little peanut...i don't want them to grow up too fast!! oh, and i would totally have been on that beach too, just in case.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Every time I read your blog I ask myself..."and why is it that I don't live in Hawaii?" You make us mainland folks so jealous! I first brought Elena to the baby pool at the gym at 2 months since I was so bored one day at home. She couldn't even hold her head up so we just sat together in the water and she slept. Then we did water babies when she was 5 months and that was a great age. I am sure that you could took Moana for a little dip as soon as you feel ready. It will just be like a big bathtub.

Roo said...

I saw "two men without bathing suits on" and I got all excited. Then I realized that meant two men with clothes on at the beach. Much less exciting, but it looks like a fun day!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Like Rebecca, I can't read your blog without questioning my own sanity for living in Chicago.

I used to date a guy who is a secret service agent. Yell the name Christian Cook and if you get a response see if he can hook you guys up.

Frayed Laces said...

What? What? A tailwind? So not fair.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one contemplating stalking him.

N.D. said...

Super cute!!! Awww.

N.D. said...

Super cute!!! Awww.