Friday, December 5, 2008

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday! That's every Friday here in Hawaii. But especially Aloha now on days where I feel like I've had an acceptable amount of sleep (almost 7 hours, interrupted twice for feedings) and got a good workout in before 8 AM. Now I get to hang out with my beautiful daughter for the rest of the day. Life is good.

I met my friends Bob and Nalani at the pool this morning. That's my swimming partner Bob, not to be confused with my running stroller, BOB. ;) Anyway, we had a great workout today. Main set:

4 x 300's @ 5:15 (long course meters)
#1. 250 moderate, 50 fast
#2. 200 moderate, 100 fast
#3. 150 moderate, 150 fast
#4. 100 moderate, 200 fast

Then we did a 600 straight swim where every 3rd 50 was blow-out fast. The 100's in between were very easy. Bob and I did this swim together last week and it was much easier today. But faster. Progress.

I went hard, even though I'm going to do a very Looong swim on Sunday. It's the 27th Possibly Annual Hawaiian Christmas Loong Distance Invitational Roughwater H2O Swim. That's the official name of the event. It's just a small one, because let's be honest, how many people really want to do a 7K ocean swim race in December? Nalani asked me this morning if I was looking forward to it. I hadn't really thought of that, but my answer was yes, I think I am. After being pregnant for what seemed like forever, it's good to finally be able to go out and challenge myself. I don't have doubts that I'll be able to finish it. It'll be interesting to see just how tired I am at the end though? All my swims have only been 3K except once last week I went over 5K. So the last half hour should be interesting. But the weather report is calling for variable winds on Sunday, which typically means really nice ocean swimming conditions. So that's cool.

Each swimmer in this event has to have their own paddler escort as there won't really be any buoys except for one at the beginning and then one at the turn around. Scott's going to paddle for me. And my friend Andrea will be watching Moana down at the beach while we're in the water. Thanks, Andrea! I think it'll be awesome to have Moana down there at the finish waiting for me even though she won't have a clue what's going on. I'm going to have to get one of those little onsies for her that says something about See Mommy Swim... Go Mommy Go! Maybe in time for the next event...

P.S. Ellen, I wish you were here for this!!!


N.D. said...

You DEFINITELY need those onesie things like MY MOMMY IS FASTER THAN YOUR MOMMY / run bike swim.. all that good stuff. Good for you doing that ocean swim. I think I'll be excited to run without feeling goddamn pain!! 20 miler? Yes I'm excited!! Burning legs, yes I am excited!! Way to go Mama Simmons, you are doing great and continue to be an inspiration! You rock!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Awesome. Have a great time with the open water swim. Your blog makes me want to move to Hawaii so badly. Aside from the fact that it's a tropical paradise, you are doing an open water swim and we had a high of 12 degrees here today.

X-Country2 said...

Oh yeah, you totally need a onesie! I like N.D. ideas. Good luck this weekend.

Kate Parker said...

You can make them easy, if you want. Just get some of the iron on paper for your printer and do it yourself. They sell it at art store/hpbby type places.

Good luck!

The Chapples said...

I'm pumped to hear about your race! Hearing about your swim workouts *almost* makes me want to get in the pool...almost. ;)