Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've heard from other moms about just how long it takes to get out of the house with a baby, and I believed them, but somehow I didn't really believe them. Maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I had fleeting thoughts that those moms just weren't as organized or efficient as I would be when I was a mom... HA! More like I was just completely naive.

Here's how it went this morning trying to get to my Dr appointment by 11:00:

3:45 AM Finally get to sleep after feeding Moana off and on all night.

3:55 Moana wakes up again. Hand off baby duty to Scott. Stay awake listening to her cry and think that I might as well just get up and take care of her because I can't sleep anyway.

3:56 Fall asleep.

6:45 Scott wakes me to tell me he is leaving for work. Moana is asleep and has eaten plenty. Sweet. Back to sleep.

7:05 Moana wakes up crying. Go get her from her crib and let her sleep next to my chest. Stay in a dazed state between being asleep or alert as Moana grunts and groans and squirms in her sleep.

9:00 Moana lets me know in no uncertain terms that she is awake and hungry. No problem. Feed her. Burp.

9:30 Diaper change. Get out of pajamas into clothes for the day. She seems happy. I wonder if she'll just chill out for a few minutes so I can go get a bowl of cereal?

9:35 Moana has tummy time, scooting around happily on my bed while I eat a bowl of cereal and watch the Comedy Channel. Russell Peters is hilarious. Reason to Beat Your Kids?

9:40 Moana poops. Another diaper change. I feel relived that she did it before we got to the doctor's office.

10:00 Better start thinking about getting out of the house. Replenish the diaper bag. Diapers. Wipes. Disposable change pads. Blanket. Quilt. Hat. Sunscreen. Bottle of milk. Burp cloth.

10:05 Pack my own bag since I'm gonna get to swim after the appointment. Suit. Cap. Goggles. Who knows? Maybe I'll run afterward too with her in the jogger? Continue to pack. Run shoes. Socks. Visor. Sports bra. Shorts. IPod. Water bottle.

10:15 Hoku is following me around in an obvious effort to let me know that she has not A) peed B) pooped or C) eaten today. Ok. Quick. Moana into the Baby Bjorn. Hoku on the leash. She's got 10 minutes to get it all out.

10:25 Back from walk. Feed Hoku. I'm pretty sure the cats don't have any food but they can wait.

10:28 Brush my teeth. I didn't comb my hair today but it's in a ponytail and no one will know. It's gonna get wet anyway when I get in the pool...

10:30 Moana still in Baby Bjorn on my chest. Who ever created this thing is a genius. Backpack with my workout clothes on my back. Diaper bag over left shoulder. Car seat in right hand. Grab a granola bar in case I get hungry. Head to the car. I can't believe we did it!!

Moana was a doll at my appointment. Doc says I'm recovering fine from childbirth. Yeah, I knew that.

Moana had her check-up yesterday. She's 9 lbs 12 oz now! Right in the middle for height and weight and all that. Doing great. Yeah, we knew that.

One nice thing about being in a small town is that everything is close by. My doctor's office is across the street from Scott's office, which is walking distance from a 50 meter community pool. I know I said there would be no more noon swims for me for a while, but never underestimate the creative ability of a triathlete to figure out how to fit the workouts in*! We found another win-win situation... Scott got to hang out at the park with his daughter during lunch, and I got to swim!

*Actually, this was Scott's idea! I know. I'm so lucky.


X-Country2 said...

Boys and babies melt my heart. Way to make it all work mama!

Clare said...

wow, that does take a long time...and a lot of stuff to pack! i believe you, but yeah, i don't REALLY believe you! i'll see soon enough, eh? was scott always so supportive of helping you fit in workouts? my husband (who has the most flexible job schedule) was giving me a hard time when i said i'd go to the gym in the mornings and be back before he had to leave for work...he insisted he had to leave by a certain time and 10 minutes later wasn't ok. i told him he'd change his mind once he meets the kid, but i was about to murder him...

N.D. said...

Aww.. love the breakdown of the times. Sounds like fun! It is great you guys are so flexible and supportive of each other's needs. I think it makes a big difference.

Alicia Parr said...

I understand. It's a challenge for me to get in 4 hours of billable work plus a workout, and I've got onsite help from the hubby and a baby who sleeps through the night most of the time now.

Angela and David Kidd said...

The amount of planning it takes is just crazy. We went to a wedding that was nearby and it was more logistically difficult than going to a wedding in say, CA or something. That's awesome that Scott spend lunch with Moana and you can swim.

Alison Setton said...

Too funny! I can relate to it all, well except maybe the strong motivation to swim (which I wish I had). Supportive husbands rock (don't you just love living in this generation!?)
Keep up the creative juggling. When she outgows the Bjorn, the Ergo Baby is great, too.