Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moana's First Christmas

She looked so peaceful and serene before she woke up this Christmas morning...

Though she listened intently,

Our best efforts at explaining Christmas and Santa to her were in vain... but she sat and waited for her presents with more patience than she'll have again for the next 17 years.

In fact, her extreme patience came off as disinterest at times.

You might notice that she's not wearing her Christmas onesie. Let's just say that a massive explosion this morning sent Scott to the shower, had me cleaning the walls, and left her My First Christmas outfit unfit to wear.

Despite the messy start to the day, Santa was good to Moana this year... She's all set to go to the beach now with her new rash guard and little swimmer diapers.

We didn't actually make it to the beach today though because the weather didn't really cooperate. Maybe we'll try this weekend. If it is sunny, at least she'll have her own shade in this oh so cool shade tent Santa left for her.

The KidCo tent was actually a huge hit with her. She hung out in there as happy as a clam and entertained herself for like an hour this evening.

She's not quite big enough yet to get use out of her new Activity Walker... but this thing is cool. I think she's really gonna like it in another month or two when she is able to start using it to move herself about the house!

So even though Christmas was lost on Moana this year, it was the best for Scott and me. We can't wait for next year! :)


N.D. said...

awww super cute pics!!! sorry the weather didn't cooperate. Love the tent and hawaiian outfit!! And the thingie to sit in. Lots of fun, I can't wait! Happy first christmas to you, mama and Moana's first christmas. So much fun!!

Clare said...

we got to celebrate with andra and my 15-month old niece. what a difference as year makes!!

kerrie said...

too cute! looks like moana really scored big this year :)! i hope santa was good to you as well!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

That little walker is adorable. She looks so peaceful. It's hard to imagine she's the same little baby keeping you up at night. Glad you guys had a great first Christmas as a family of three!