Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Chance Workout

I am feeling like an athlete again.

This is the conversation I had with my husband while doing laundry this morning...

Me: Look how cool this is! The whole drying rack is full of my running/cycling clothes! I love it that so much of the laundry is once again my workout clothes!

Husband: Whatever floats your tippy boat.

Today I did what felt like a Last Chance Workout... partly because last night I was eating mint chocolate chip ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser, but mostly because my mom leaves tomorrow so my built-in-babysitting service is ending :( No more noon swims for this Mama. My tan back and shoulders? They've hit their peak. From here on out my swims will have be done while Scott can watch Moana, which means AM or PM. I know. Poor me.

I went for the LONG swim today. I've been swimming often, but not more than 3000meters at a time. The ocean swim race I signed up for (next weekend!) is LONG (more like 7000 meters) so I figured I better get in at least one long swim prior to that. So after a 3200M continuous steady-state swim, my friend Bob showed up to challenge me through 2000M worth of intervals, of course getting faster as we went. I was pleased with the whole swim. I don't have much strength or power these days, but I'm like an aerobic machine.

Running home from the pool (I live 1 mile from the pool so most of the time I run back and forth) I had that post-workout tired feeling that I've missed over the last 10 months. And tomorrow I get to ride for a few hours with my friend Kristen so that's gonna feel great as well. I feel like an athlete again. YEA!


Clare said...

i'm envious! but you paid your dues, i've still got a couple weeks of payments to make. and i TOTALLY get the laundry thing! my drying rack in the basement has been SO empty, and i don't have nearly as much laundry to do as normal. can't wait for "normal" again!

Kate Parker said...

I love that feeling,, so addictive!

The Chapples said...

Awesome swim!

I am about to go out and get "that feeling" this morning myself. Nothing like it!