Monday, November 24, 2008

Hill Running With Ironman BOB

I feel great. Moana had a good night last night which meant that everyone in the house got more sleep... which means we all feel more cheery... which means she is just so much cuter. After a good nights sleep she can pee all over herself and the changing table and we all just get a good laugh while we coo at her and her silly fountain of pee flowing all over the place.

And we tackled that hilly 4.5 mile run together in the BOB this morning.

I really didn't think I'd be able to push the jogger up all the steep hills on this route, but to my very pleasant surprise, I did! While we were out there, I thought about some strategies that are useful when running with the baby jogger.

First off, make sure that baby is well fed... but not so overly full that she'll vomit on herself when the jogger starts moving. It's also important to wait until after the morning diaper blow-out, for obvious reasons.

Do not, under any circumstances, start your watch.*

When running up a shallow hill, you can gently push the jogger ahead and let go of the handles. Run free for a few seconds, and then catch up as the jogger slows due to the pull of gravity.** Warning! Do not employ this technique on downhills. Doing so may result in a look of terror on your infant's face. You will likely also experience some unintended interval training.

When the hill is steeper and it is impossible to push the jogger ahead, go ahead and sacrifice your running form completely. Do this by leaning forward at a 45 degree angle and push, gripping the jogger handles lightly with both hands (arms almost straight). It may be helpful at this time to imagine the great workout you are getting on your hamstrings and glutes.

Hill running with the jogger is a great way to start your day with baby. We may make this a daily ritual. The first phrase Moana will know will be "Wanna go for a run?"

*I make the rules, I don't follow them. So if you're like me, be sure to add 45-60 sec/mile to your normal pace and then just be happy that you're running.

**This is against manufacturer's labeling. However, it may be an area where the Ironman model out-performs the Revolution due to the fixed wheel on the front.


lilrunner N.D. said...

This is hilarious!!! Great tips! Glad it was a good run. You will have to tell me what I need to buy so that I can use it immediately. I think you have a carseat or something extra in there so that she is in there tight!

Clare said...

hey, at this point, i'd love to run 45-60 sec per mile slower than normal (pre preg normal that is)! moana looks very snuggled in there!

X-Country2 said...

She looks so teeny! Way to get out there with BOB.

Newt said...

Moana looks so adorable all strapped and bundled into the jogger! And you are a hero. I'm hoping to be able to walk around the block a month post-partum.

lilrunner N.D. said...

Thanks for the info on the BOB and carseat!! I don't know how to choose between the bob revolution and bob ironman. Did you do research on this or just get recommendations from others? I have to check what the main difference is. Thanks again! glad you are doing well!

Kristina said...

That is the cutest picture ever! I've never seen a baby so well insulated! Great post, too.

keep on running said...

Love the blog, your daughter is beautiful.

I am also lucky enough to have a baby on the way due October 21st. I would love to make a return to racing and training like you, we are very impressed.

Would you mind if I asked you your opinion about the BOB. We are seriously considering buying one. They are not available in the UK, so we would have to import it from the states. Are you happy with it? Is it your only stroller or do you have another for day to day use ie grocery shopping etc.

Any info gratefully received.