Monday, May 30, 2016


It seems like it's been forever since it's been RACE WEEK for me... I'm excited, but I do feel like there are 100 things I need to take care of in the next few days before we hop islands.

Honu is always the Saturday after Memorial Day so race week Monday morning swim is always in the ocean (pools are closed for the holiday). In years past we typically have done a really big group Mokes swim but recently they've banned parking out in Lanikai which makes the Mokes swim a logistical PITA (can still do it but just have to make it a run>swim>run or something so you're not leaving a car at the start...) Anyway, Nalani and I opted to avoid the chaos this morning and just did our standard Kalama>Buoy chain swim, which might have felt rather ho-hum had it not been for the all-time conditions out there... There really was NO wind this morning so it was glassy water... warm and clear and just so so so nice and pleasant. And swimming right next to Nalani the whole way out/back was just perfect. It's amazing too how much quicker one can swim when there's not much chop or current. ~21:30 each way today (vs 27min the last two weeks in that chop/current!) and it just felt like swimming vs fighting some sort of war. I think swimming most often in big chop makes me really appreciate it when it's nice and calm and easy like it was today!

Holiday usually means beach day but it was pissing rain off/on all day so we stayed close to home and got caught up on stuff. I finally made all my lists and started packing for Honu. I'm mostly done with that already which might be an early bird record for me. Just need to ride my bike one more time before I break it down and pack it. I also wrote out my race plan in full detail, which functioned to make me a bit nervous but now that it's done I feel like I've got my shit together which is a good feeling. Plus, I got to have this fun text conversation with Nalani while I was writing it... :)
 I considered for a minute posting my whole detailed plan here but then thought no I'll keep that one closer to my heart. Essentially this is it though...

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