Friday, May 13, 2016

Practicing Triathlon

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and BLAH I did NOT feel like getting out of bed. But then I opened my eyes and glanced out the window and saw this stunning sunrise and that got me moving.
Off to the ocean I went... Swam with Mark and Nalani. Winds were down today so the ocean was calm and glassy. We swam ~45min steady effort and it was just really nice. Nothing else really to report about that. It was just a nice swim in the morning with my friends and I didn't micromanage anything just enjoyed being in the ocean. There isn't really a nicer way to start a Friday morning.

Late afternoon Moana and I drove to town to pick up my race packet for this weekend. Honolulu Triathlon is Sunday and I'm doing it, again, as is the norm pretty much every year. It's not my favorite race ever but it's the only opportunity we have at a real Olympic distance race (every other local race its the swim short) and since I haven't raced a triathlon since last October, I think it'll be good to get out there in a low pressure situation and make myself suffer a bit. This year I think it will be extra special though because after I'm done, Moana is going to do the keiki race! her very first triathlon!

I wasn't sure if she would want to do it, so I took her with me this afternoon and we brought her swim/bike stuff and figured we would practice a bit and then she could decide if she wanted to do it. I promised her that I loved her regardless of whether or not she decided to race, but I encouraged her and told her that I thought she would have fun if she decided to give it a go! She is nervous about the swim, and maybe rightfully so as she is not a strong swimmer at this point. It's only 50M though and most of it is shallow enough where she can touch.
We practiced swimming swimming face down in the open water, running beach starts, and dolphin diving. Her confidence definitely grew as she was out there!

Then we transitioned to the bike. This took at least 10 minutes. We will practice this again tomorrow!!

Once she was on the bike though she was having a blast! Zipping around the beach park path zoom zoom zoom happy as a clam! She was like THIS is my favorite part!! I was thinking just wait until we put more air in those tires! She'll be flying! Right away she was like YES I'm in! Enter me in the race, mom.
We didn't practice the run today. She did the "IronKids" run at IMLouisville last year... It was less than a mile but she enjoyed it a lot. The run on Sunday is 1K so she will be fine.

I'm genuinely excited for her! More than for myself. Funny how that works. #parenting

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