Monday, May 16, 2016


Last night while putting Moana to bed, I told her, "I'm super proud of you!" Her reply, "I'm super proud of me too!" Yes! Triathlon as a vehicle to improved self-confidence. Gotta love that.

Can't say this mornings swim was a confidence builder though. Ha! It was as ugly as I anticipated it would be. My shoulders just felt like bricks. 1000 w/u was as slow as it's been in a long time, but at least it felt slow which I think is better than feeling strong but actually being slow. I seriously considered bailing on the swim 500m into it (true story) but I continued on. Nalani and Mark took pity on me I think and didn't make fun too much, and they even swam sort of slow with me for the whole main set. Ok well truth be told, Mark used bands while Nalani and I used paddles. (He still beat us to every wall.) I decided I wanted to do something where I wouldn't really know my splits too well, so opted for a main set that went 2 rounds:

3x250's steady @4:20
5x50's stronger @1:00

Mark got bored with so much rest so he requested the last 5x50's to go off 50" and I obliged and it was fine. I do think today was one of those days where I would have gotten out early had I not had training partners, so thankful for them!

Later in the afternoon I went for one of my "Just Ride" rides. Road bike, no garmin. Felt like garbage to start but then that went away and I felt fine. Didn't push any big efforts but all just as I felt. Actually rather enjoyed it, as it should be, I think.

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