Friday, May 27, 2016

Down Day

Pretty easy day today. My legs are actually sort of tight/sore! I def felt like after yesterday I needed a lighter day, plus Moana is out of school now and her summer program thing at the Y doesn't start for a few more days so I didn't have the flexible schedule I normally have.

Swam in the pool this morning. Super relaxed 1000 w/u. I keep setting new records for how slowly I can warm up these days (an even split 17' this morning!!). We did 8x100's @1:45 where 1x25 of each was fast and that 25 changed through the set (#1 first 25 fast, #2 second 25 fast, #3 third 25 fast, etc). Solid pace change there without requiring too much effort/energy. Then I finished up with 4x300's pull @5:00 where I again worked a bit of pace change... basically increasing the amount of strong effort swimming by 75m each time so it went 75 fast/225 easy; 150 fast/150 easy; 225 fast/75 easy; 300 all fast. It wasn't really all that fast today though even at the end... Last one was 4:24 so only 1:28 pace. Roomy intervals all morning too so there was always tons of rest, which I think I needed today. I was just missing a bit of GRRRRR which I'm not really concerned about. It happens. Early to bed tonight.

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