Monday, May 2, 2016


Pretty mellow day today. This morning I walked Moana to the bus stop (with the dog!) then headed over to the park and went through a full glute/hip strength routine. I sort of have 2 different routines I tend to go through but today I did them both. My hip continues to remain the same... Something is still not right in there but the pain is manageable and doesn't seem to escalate so I'm just planning to continue doing what I'm doing and hope it continues to stay the same. For sure I feel like I have better glute activation and function than I did a few months ago, so that feels good.

Maia jogged a few miles with me super easy then we went to our hill for our short hill repeats. She knew the routine of it today and went back and forth with me like the loyal companion she is. Then she came home and passed out.
I didn't really swim today. I did teach a swim lesson which had me in the pool going back and forth but I'll call it a recovery effort at best. We stopped to talk swim technique after every 50. I think the easy recovery day was in order.

My husband and daughter are back home so it's back to life as normal at our house. I told them that I really enjoyed my alone time this weekend, but one weekend was enough of that. I don't think I'd want to be alone like that every weekend, for multiple reasons. If I was single and childless I might be a faster triathlete but I wouldn't be a happier person.

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