Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Variety In Terrain

I took my race bike to AZ so I could get some training time on it without getting it wet and muddy and nasty dirty. It was actually quite shocking how clean it was when I went to pack it up after riding so much... hardly any dirt on it at all! Refreshing. :) Anyway, I was sort of thinking that I was just going to leave it in it's box for a while and would go back to riding my training bike but then I remembered that I actually have a little race this weekend and it *should* be dry so I went ahead and unpacked the bike tonight.

My mom is here visiting and she watched me assembling my bike and couldn't figure out why I had three.

Are you going to sell one? No.

But you have THREE. Yes. But that one is a road bike. And this is the one I race on. And that is the one I train on.

I'm not sure she got it but it made perfect sense to me! :)

I'm still trying to recover from my two weeks in AZ and seem to be getting better each day. I am finally not looking like a marshmallow. What is that anyway that causes you to swell up like a balloon when you train a lot? Something about ADH I think but I'll admit I don't understand exactly what that's all about. All I know is that we should never weigh ourselves immediately after a big training weekend. Anyway, in good news I have ankles now and even a few veins.

Finally downloaded all my data from my garmin tonight too. It took like an hour! Fun to geek out on all the graphs. There was a good amount of climbing done in both Tucson and Scottsdale... total climbing (riding) ~26,000ft which is a lot for me given that I ride flat most of the time! I think one of the things that has been sort of missing in my training is variety (hello I live on an island) so the different terrain was awesome.

Madera Canyon:

Gates Pass:

Mt Lemmon:

Paradise Valley:

North Scottsdale:

Bartlett Lake:

Fountain Hills/Rio Verde:

Looking at these graphs leaves me feeling even more nostalgic for that awesome riding in AZ!


Damie said...

Oh man. That leaves me nostalgic as well. Your Scottsdale rides look wonderful!

Molly said...

What fun!! Those rides all look great :)

Matt said...

very jealous, riding looks awesome!

mmmonyka said...

Those hills look like a dream! :)

Kiet said...

But what about your trainer bike, your commuter bike, and your mt. bike? C'mon, Mama Simmons, you're slacking compared to me, ha ha ha!