Friday, March 23, 2012

I Hope I Am Not Creating A Monster

So the other night I was chatting with my mom (who is here visiting this week- Moana is in HEAVEN) and she was asking about the triathlon race I am doing this weekend. I explained it something like this:

It is the opposite of Ironman.

The only 2 races mom has watched me do in the last ~5 years were IMCdA and Kona... so I thought it would be fun for her to see something a bit different. You know, like the whole thing is over in just over an hour! (Mom was like REALLY? You swim and bike and run and all done in an hour?? Opposite of Ironman indeed!) Yes. And it is way more exciting for a spectator! Anyway, I told her the distances and she noted that it sounded like a perfect race for a beginner and then made an off the cuff comment about how Scott could do that and I was like YEAH HE COULD and ta-dah. An idea was born.

I wasn't even sure if he would agree to do it, and truth be told, he didn't at first... but then he checked his soccer schedule and sure enough no games this weekend so he sent me a text yesterday and said he was in! Awesome! So I went into town yesterday and got him a race number and a pair of goggles. He rode his old heavy knobby tired mountain bike to work today (~8 miles each way) and said he was going to swim to Flat Island over lunch (~400M each way) so I guess we can't say he didn't train. Lol.

Anyway, I think it will be so much fun to have him out there on Sunday! I will say though, while I hope he has a blast and totally enjoys it, I really hope I am not creating a monster. This house is not actually big enough for 2 triathletes. ;)


Steve said...

WOAH!!! I hope he tapered enough. ;)

Good Luck this weekend. sounds fun. :))


Di Tri-ing said...

Love that! Have a great day. I was just thinking recently that if I could get my husband to run I think he would enjoy the rest of it.

Teresa said...

What fun?! Can't wait to hear the report ;)

mmmonyka said...

He must indeed love you if you managed to lure him into doing it:)
Have fun, both of you!

mtanner said...

Love the last sentence! No it is not. Trust me. Did it for a year! Kick butt tomorrow :)

hillary biscay said...

i love this!! great news i say! good luck to both of you!!