Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Bullet Points

~I just spent the last hour emailing back and forth with my two athletes who are in NZ and were getting ready to try to complete an Ironman in the middle of the storm of the century tomorrow (What should I wear? How much less should I drink since it's going to be freezing? Etc) and then after we had it all figured out I got an email update from one of them (and then 10' later the other one) that said it's been postponed by a day and now it's going to be a 70.3. Ok new race plan: "Go balls out the whole time and don't let up til the finish". That was easy. So definitely a bummer that they went all the way to NZ and don't get to do an Ironman but that's the thing about Ironman... be prepared for whatever and be flexible and adapt your plan and when all else fails, cut it in half and rip your legs off in the process.

~This afternoon I was working at my computer when a HUGE bird flew right in the house and then got stuck and couldn't find its way back outside. (Oh the hazards of living in a climate where we keep the doors open much of the time.) So the dog went nuts barking and running around in circles and the bird flipped out and shit all over the hardwood floor and I just kept working. Ho hum. This is like the 7th time a bird has flown into this house (I should learn my lesson and close the screen door I suppose but then the dog couldn't go out.) So when Moana got home this afternoon the bird was still in the house and her reaction was so cute... she was so sad and almost crying b/c she was sure the bird was very very sad and missing her mama and her daddy and her brother and her sister. The story ends with us blocking off all the windows with dark blankets and turning off all the lights and then shooing the bird toward the open door with a broom. Fly to the light, birdie! Fly to the light! Moana was relieved and is convinced another bird is going to fly in tomorrow.

~I rode today with one of my local athletes who is fairly new to cycling. I think it was a very valuable experience for both of us b/c I got to know her as a cyclist so much better and was able to point out a few technique tips to her that made her way more comfortable on her bike. And I should note- she is going to be (already is??) a badass. Most of our ride was just fairly steady but I did a 7' interval where I was riding hard enough to see if she would drop off but turns out she's got some grit. There was no dropping her even at 27+ mph (nice tailwind!). Good girl!

~Speaking of riding with my athletes, I spent some time last night organizing details for some training two weeks from now that I'm going to be doing with 7 of my athletes in Scottsdale, AZ. Several of them I have never even met so this is going to be an awesome experience for all of us in a lot of ways! As I was thinking through all the details I got super psyched. Plus, I used to live in Scottsdale so the rides there are ones I know and cannot wait to go ride again. Scottsdale and the surrounding areas has some awesome riding. Of course Krista organized a party for my final night there where apparently she is going to try to get me as trashed as I plan on getting her. Of course our definitions of 'trashed' are different and mine does not involve martinis. Maybe she'll teach me a thing or two? See? It's a win-win.

~Before that I get to go to Tucson for a 5 day Smashfest Hillary Biscay style. Funny how nervous I am about surviving that. 100x100's on the schedule and Mt Lemmon and a long ass trail run... I probably shouldn't have joked with Hillary about tying my feet together for those 100's. I hope she didn't think I was serious.


Beth said...

Camp sounds so fun!! Tying your feet together for the 100x100 would be a feat of epic porportions and the story would be told for many a year to come. DO IT!!! ;)

Kim said...

ugh my coach james cotter moved back to nz a few months ago and has been training so hard, so i see how much it sucks that imnz was cancelled :(

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

hee hee hee.

trifitmom said...

i am jealous and wish i was lucky enough to ride with you