Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scottsdale... Day 1!

I'm trying to remember when's the last time I had so much fun training? Maybe just last week I guess... ;)

I'm in Scottsdale right now staying at Krista's house and running my own little training camp here and just am beside myself with how much fun this is!! I'm not sure there's a better place to ride a bike than North Scottsdale in March... and these athletes I have here are meshing so well... it's just awesome.

We did a little meet and greet (ahem, time to drink more coffee) this morning before we took off riding. I knew some people were feeling fairly nervous and it was so nice to be able to say I GET THAT since I just experienced those exact same feelings last weekend... And I am just so psyched to give these guys/gals a similar experience of learning for themselves that they are capable of so much more than they thought they were. :)

It was pretty much like a little Cervelo convention this morning when 5 of us turned up with the same bike.
Turns out we even had shoes in common. Though it's pretty clear which one of us rides most often in the rain. (They were like, um, you can wash those you know...)
Beautiful place to ride... the next 2 days are going to be even more scenic!
The day went like this: Ride, run, hang out in the backyard eating lunch and chatting and laughing, swim, laugh some more. Everyone did awesome today too... big shout out to Krista and Shevaun who swam outside of their skins this afternoon. I instructed Krista (in no uncertain terms- there might have been an f-bomb- I'm serious when it comes to swimming hard) to STAY ON MY FEET and indeed- she was ripping off 300's at a pace faster than her previous fastest all out sprint 100. Good girl. This is what it looks like after you get done swimming like that...
Afterward it was all fun and games as they put Theresa in a swim cap.
Then I raced Matt in a 50 and LOST. I tried but sprinting a 50 is clearly not my thing. ;)

Anyway, now I feel like I need to curl up in a little ball in a corner somewhere for a few hours. Tomorrow is going to be awesome too. We get to climb out of Bartlett Lake on our bikes... ~14 miles of beautiful desert climbing and we'll all be dressed like a team looking pretty snazzy. I'll get lots of photos!


Damie said...

can't wait to see you guys all kitted out!!!!

JC said...

Holy smokers - you are training like CRAZY! Look out CANADA! Looks like SO MUCH fun!

mmmonyka said...

Definitely want to see some pictures in your matching kits!!!

I am missing out on all the fun:( I need to do something about that.

Steve said...

glad you are having some fun. I fell behind my blog reading... some days I am out of it. :)

Have fun, and wish you the best. :)

Ginger Spansel said...

I'm jealous - wish I could be there!