Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is It Time To Go To The Desert Yet??

So it pretty much hasn't stopped raining for the last 48 hours which has caused some serious flooding.  They are stand-up paddling in front of the Honolulu Zoo.

 Our island of Oahu is under that yellow/green blob somewhere.

Found this pic from last night on FB too... How pretty, huh? It was an Electric Storm last night! I heard that buildings were shaking in town b/c that lightning was so severe. Mother Nature is truly amazing sometimes.

This morning we were planning on running at the track but of course it is just a complete mud pit so we just ran around a 1/2 mile loop near my house this morning instead. It was cold (and wet) so we warmed up with long sleeve shirts on... but it wasn't that cold so we took them off for the main set and tied them around a light pole... After our 3rd loop we came back to our light pole and found that someone had stolen our wet sweaty running shirts! GAH! Couldn't believe it. And I swear that was one of my very favorite shirts too and I almost didn't wear it this morning b/c I thought it was too nice and I should have worn an older/crappier one but then I thought I'd live large and wear the nice one and see what happened? That's IT. No more nice clothes for me.

Anyway, I will only complain for a second about being cold... yesterday I was sitting here at my computer working and trying to convince myself to go swim but my fingers and toes were numb/frozen and the thought of getting into a pool just wasn't that appealing but guess what? I went. The pool I swim in is not this nice. It does not have lane lines.

Tomorrow I get on a plane and go to the desert where I know I will be cold but I'm guessing I won't be wet.

In an unrelated note, tonight I was putting Moana to bed when she happened to open my top dresser drawer and she pulled out a little pink lacy think with a tag that said Victoria Secret. She had some questions:

"Mama is this your princess dress?"
"Mama do you wear this after dance class?"
"Does daddy pretend to be a prince?"

Scott and I were in tears laughing. Somethinglikethat sweetie.


Beth said...

I started following your blog a while back after I learned we were moving to Oahu. The photo out in front of the zoo is hilarious. Down where I am in Ewa Beach it's not too bad, but this rain has been ridiculous! Hopefully it dries out a bit over the weekend :)

Steve said...

Does Daddy pretend to be a prince. LOL. For some reason I thought you lived on the Big Island, not sure why.

My BIL lives right across the Community College right by Diamond Head. He is up high, so doesn't have a flooding problem I bet. Island has to be really green I bet, or at least will be soon.

Beth said...

Have fun at camp!!! (hope it's nice and hot for you :)

mtanner said...

Um, yes. You will be cold here. Would you like me to send Krista arm and leg warmers for you?

Kim said...

wow michelle, hope the rain stops soon, that's insane.

and who the hell steals people's sweaty shirts?!

laughing at moana - that is too cute.

Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious.

Matt said...

have fun in the Desert, sounds warm and dry compared to here...I may need to make a trip after school in done!! AZ or SoCal

That is too funny.

mmmonyka said...

What kind of Paradise is it when it rains there every single day?!?

Have fun in the desert. I am soooooo jealous (I am always jealous when people who can do fun training stuff since I cannot). I have a feeling that you won't be cold there, and if you are, just move faster/work harder:)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

OMG, the Moana story made me laugh! Love kids and the things they say!

h* said...

stumbled onto your blog thru Damie's...sorry for the flooding, oh my gawsh, hope its drying out by now! im still chuckling about your princess dress! thanks for the read!

JC said...

OMG - LMAO what a cutie!
Great photo in front of the Zoo. Whenever I read you "bloggers" from Hawaii talk about cold I just kind of read blah, blah, blah! JJ - well not really;)
Have a great time at SMASHFEST in the desert.