Monday, October 3, 2011

The Scene

Our condo here is awesome and provides all sorts of ammenities... like a free public computer in the lobby! So, yay! Updates from Kona! :)

We arrived yesterday afternoon and driving into town Moana was like, "Oh look at the bike! Oh and another bike! Look there's another bike! More bikes!" That pretty much sums it up. I don't remember so many people being here so early in years past, but it seems like indeed, the economy in Kona is doing just fine this month. This place is packed. This morning we finished swimming* at ~7:30 and there must have been 200 swimmers in and around the pier getting ready to swim and another 200 people just hanging out on the wall watching the scene. That's really what it is... a scene.

I was looking around yesterday and feeling such a mix of feelings... on one hand, I was like all these people are so dorky! All wearing some sort of triathlon race kit/clothing (really? to the grocery store?) and compression gear and really brightly colored running shoes and just generally looking dorky! So I was trying to explain my conundrum to Nalani... like trying to balance my knowledge of the fact that these people are such dorks yet at the same time I am one of them. Lol.OK I have not been able to bring myself to wear any compression gear here yet. I do think I'll probably not venture out in public in it this week. Something about trying to limit the scope of my own dorkiness while being amongst the Mecca of it here this week.

One of my favorite things about this week though has to be running into so many old friends and meeting lots of other bloggers too. I hadn't even been here for an hour before running into Kerrie and Glen at the farmers market, where Rain caught a big green gecko which thoroughly entertained Moana. Then this morning Nalani and I met a bunch of gals down at the pier to swim... Beth and Libby and Katie and Michelle and Sonja. What a fun group to swim with! It was all good until we were on our way back in and there were swimmers everywhere coming right at us. I am amazed at how many people were swimming with their heads up their asses down and just generally not paying attention to the fact that swimmers were coming right at them the opposite way. I managed to avoid most of them by moving to the side. Caution: There are no lane lines at Dig Me Beach. Pay attention!

Anyway, tomorrow morning looks to be another swim with Ange and Mary and maybe some others? Kona is so fun with all these people here. It's nice to be able to balance my need to be social with the little bit of exercise I still want/need to do this week... then I have the perfect excuse to be a hermit most of the afternoons b/c I have volunteered to be on duty while Moana naps every afternoon from like 12-2. Yep. Grammy go take a break and go do whatever you want... No problem... I will hang out in our condo and read a book while she sleeps... Perfect. :)

My athlete Scott arrives in a few hours so hanging with him will be super fun the next few days... then my husband Scott (too many Scotts!) will arrive on Wednesday... so it's just going to keep getting better for a while before it gets hard. Stay tuned for more from The Scene...

*Kerrie will be happy to know I got my Panic swim training this morning. We did the whole course. Phew! I can do it.


Beth said...

Love it!! Really, really enjoyed swimming with you guys this morning!! Panic training taken care of! ;)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Love the updates, Michelle! HOW FUN!!! Take some pics too - enjoy swimming with Ange and Mary tomorrow!!!!

Kim said...

So jealous you are in kona, swimming with mary and ange...and beth!

mmmonyka said...

Keep us updated on all the fun!

Reading this kind of make me want to do Kona one day. Or maybe I will just visit during the Ironman week.
Have fun, but not too much fun:)

Rebecca DeWire said...

All of these updates are so much fun. And your description of Dork Mecca is pretty funny.