Thursday, October 20, 2011

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Mamas out there know that sometimes we have to play little tricks to get our kiddos to eat. Moana likes to take her time eating and I am not super patient about that so sometimes I find myself rushing her a bit. To be fair, if I don't, she'll take a full hour to eat three bites.

She knows from experience that her dad is like a garbage disposal and will eat her food if she doesn't eat it (He does not throw anything away. Ever.). It has happened that after he has eaten the rest of her dinner, she decides she actually wanted to eat it afterall. So it's become a little joke around here that she better eat her food before daddy eats it.

Tonight Scott was playing soccer so Moana and I were on our own for dinner. As is her pattern, she was taking her own sweet time to eat so I whispered that she should hurry up and hide her food in her belly before daddy comes home so he won't eat it. What a fun game, she thought! This worked for like two bites and then she thought maybe it would be just as good to hide her food near her belly under her shirt. I assured her that the best way was to *really* hide it by getting it into her belly through her mouth. Eventually I heard Scott's car pull in so I told her she better hurry up! Daddy was almost home! Well, with that she was paralyzed with fear and couldn't even eat another bite and then burst into wailing tears when Scott walked in the door. Argh. Greetings, Daddy!

So anyway, that backfired. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Though looking back, instilling fear when it comes to daddy arriving home was not exactly a brilliant move on my part. #mamafailed. #wontdothatagain.

Her birthday is coming up a week from today. And she knows it. She keeps telling me that her birthday is coming up and she is going to be THREE. I asked her if she wanted something special for her birthday dinner? She said, "Yes! I want cake for dinner!" I know a lot of you will be quite proud of her for that. :) #offseason.

In other Moana-isms, she saw an older man out jogging today. She said, "Look! He is running!" Then she added "He's not going very fast. He should run faster." Ha! I assured her that he was probably just diligently building his aerobic system via MAF technique. #teachthemearly.


Kathy said...

Totally have had that happen. We get Ben upstairs for bathtime by racing him upstairs to turn on his night light. Usually, this works just fine, but occasionally when he is tired or sensitive he freaks out if Dave or I get ahead of him on the stairs.
It must be frustrating to have a slow eater sometimes, but from other posts, she eats such goood stuff!

Jill Costantino said...

lol - love the dinner fail!
Birthday cake for dinner = AWESOME!
teach those little sponges at every and any oportunity:)

Angela and David said...

David came up with the genius idea that if Zach doesn't eat his dinner he won't be strong enough to beat him in football. Zach will eat ANYTHING right now. And it means they both wear one another out after dinner tackling one another so it works out pretty well for me too.

Poor Scott. Hopefully Moana's still not hiding her food from him.

Molly said...

Hahaha! Poor Moana! Cake for dinner sounds like a meal she can get behind :)

Aimee said...

Ha ha...I have sooo been there with my boys! Sometimes what I think will work for them actually backfires..ugh!

Cake for dinner? What's wrong with that? :)