Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blah blah blah...

I spent a bunch of time thoroughly cleaning Moana's room (it's been a while). Since she is turning THREE on Thursday, all her 2T clothes got put in a box that I'm giving to a girlfriend who has an 18 month old daughter... I also got rid of a bunch of 'baby' stuff that we will not be needing. It felt ridiculously good to purge.

I went through my drawers as well... I have an insane amount of race t-shirts. While I don't mind giving many of them away, some I just feel a need to keep, even if I know I am never going to wear them. The oldest one I found was a Wildflower shirt from 1999. And why is it that I never wear my Ironman finisher shirts? I have a whole drawer full of them now and they are just taking up space. I cannot bring myself to throw them away but I cannot think of an occasion to wear any of them. So there you go. They just take up space as I find myself unable to purge them. (In the same vein I am unable to stop training for and racing them. Hmmm.) Maybe I should learn how to quilt.

In the midst of all the organizing I collected all of Moana's hair ties and headbands and barrettes and bracelets (they were scattered all over everywhere) and put them each in their own little bowl on her dresser. She got home and found the little bowls and exclaimed, "Look Mama! Accessories!" She then proceeded to pull down all the bowls and dump them out and play with all her accessories. Perfect. Her room was clean for like at least a couple of hours anyway.

You wanna know the trick to getting your 3 yo to eat broccoli? Steam it a bit and then pour a little good balsamic vinegar over it. Tonight Moana said, "More broccoli please!"

Moana insists every night that even if she does not finish her dinner, daddy is NOT allowed to eat it. Interestingly, it seems ok if I do.

Between bouts of cleaning and organizing, I am running. A lot. Lucho turned me into quite a durable athlete this year and I have found that the more I run, the more I thrive. I have not found my ceiling there yet, though I may try looking for it in the coming months.


Kim said...

do you think if i pour balsamic on broccoli, then an adult (me) would eat it? gosh i hate broccoli. cant wait to see moana in her halloween costume!!

mmmonyka said...

I know what you can do with your race t-shirts. Make them into rugs and used them to clean your bikes (your bike mechanics always complain that they are dirty:)). That's what I do!

I am jealous of your running:(

RunnerWoman said...

or there used to be this really cool online company to whom you could send your race t-shirts and they would turn them into a quilt for you (make sure you wash them really weel first :) )

Kiet said...

Last sentence sounds a bit like foreshadowing to me. 50-miler right? Oh, we need to talk on day before you do your next ironman, I still have thoughts on your race that I need to plant in your head to stew and think about in prep for your next one.