Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Just Getting Better

If it's possible, today was even better than yesterday. I am having a blast so far this week... so far it's really everything I hoped it would be (maybe even better?) and I'm having a hard time containing myself. :)

So many good things... trying to remember them all! Swimming this morning was a blast. The water wasn't very clear b/c of the south swell that is churning everything up but it was warm and really nothing to complain about. In fact, I hope it gets way bigger/messier in the next few days b/c it's fun to watch people freak out. Anyway, I met more fun people down there again this AM and it was all very social as you can tell from my new profile picture on Facebook. ;) Scott and Ange and I swam for a bit before ending up at the Coffees of Hawaii boat where Scott was pretty sure he'd died and gone to heaven.

Speaking of Scott... he arrived in last night from Kentucky... his first time ever to Hawaii... about to do his first Ironman on Saturday and he is soaking all this up like a kid in a candy store*. It's really quite cute and it is so good for me to be around him right now. Not that I'm jaded or anything (really I'm not!), but, having lived here for 7 years and just having been around this for a while, it's just easy to forget how incredible it really is for most people who have not previously experienced it. Scott notices everything (the sunsets and the fruit and the geckos and the canoes in the ocean) and genuinely enjoys it all, which makes him extremely pleasant to be around! And it is a good reminder for me as well... he is helping me soak up this experience through the eyes of a newbie in a way that I would not otherwise.

At some point I'll get into race mode, but not yet. Physically I feel awesome and mentally I feel even better... so I will be fine on Saturday... but honestly I haven't given the race much thought. Instead I'm just enjoying the social aspect of this week so far. Maybe on Friday I'll try to transition to race mode?

*Speaking of a kid in a candy store... we hung out on Ali'i Dr watching the Parade of Nations this afternoon/evening, per Kerrie's recommendation. I'm pretty sure she was trying to sabotage my week with that one because all those people threw so much candy at Moana that we're going to be set well past Halloween with the stash she collected.


trifitmom said...

i keep thinking bout kona

N.D. said...

yay, sounds like an amazing week! I'm still thinking of the floating espresso bar and how much I'd like to be in hawaii too!