Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She's Gonna Be A Fairy

Man I was a sucker today. It's almost Moana's birthday, and it's almost Halloween... That is my excuse. :)

I took Moana to the mall this afternoon to go shopping for a Halloween costume. In the car on the way there she decided that she wanted to be Hello Kitty for Halloween. I thought that was rather clever for an almost 3 yo to decide something like that on her own, especially given that I have not really exposed her to Hello Kitty (Grammy did buy her a very cute HK shirt though so she does have one of those). Anyway, at the mall we went to the Hello Kitty store. Yes, there is a whole store dedicated to Hello Kitty and yes today was the first time I ever walked in there... but unfortunately I'm sure it will not be the last. They did not have any costumes in there- interestingly no clothing at all- just little overpriced knick knack things that would keep a 3 yo interested for ~3 minutes. So we moved on.

Found another store that did have Hello Kitty clothing... I found a rather cute little dress with HK pictured on the front so asked her if she wanted to wear that for Halloween and she replied matter of factly, "That is not a costume. That is a dress." Ok then. Let's move on.

On to the Party Store... Holy crap. You know, I am not the most creative person in the world (to put it mildly) so this store was just completely overwhelming to me. I pretty much just stood in each aisle for a few minutes with my eyes wide and with this dumb look on my face like I've never seen so many little items that I guess are supposed to make little kids parties way more fun. Moana, on the other hand, was in heaven. Eventually we found the costume aisle and that, I will admit, was quite fun! Moana can be quite opinionated when it comes to her Halloween costume... she knew what she wanted and what she didn't want. It felt a bit like wedding dress shopping, but eventually we found the one... She's going to be a ridiculously cute fairy in a few weeks. Stay tuned for pictures after Halloween.

Then somehow I got caught up in buying a bunch of other very cheap crap. It was all just so cheap. Like $1 for this and $1 for that and before I knew it I was spending $40 on a bunch of crap. But we do now have party hats for Moana's birthday party (she *really* wanted those) and Hello Kitty plates to eat off of... (They sell Value Packs of magic wands?? 20 wands for $1.89? Can't beat that, right??) along with some other cheap little toys to put in party favor bags for her classmates at school (better than candy I suppose). Moana was over-the-top excited about some of the dumbest little things but hey, she's 3 so her tastes are different from mine. And today was the day I gave in to the fact that 3 year olds can be happily entertained for quite some time by dumb little plastic toys made in China.

Anyway, Moana and I really did have a blast this afternoon at the mall. Coming home I taught her a chant (I think it was a cheer actually from when I was an 8th grade cheerleader) "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it..." So we came home and she put her Fairy costume on for Scott (wings and all) and she then started chanting I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! Scott was like, That's it. You're not allowed to be alone with her anymore. Lol.

If you came here for training news, you'll be disappointed this time. If I pay attention to social media it appears that right now I should be eating cake and ice cream and feeling totally burnt out from all-things-triathlon. I am not burnt out though and I am not eating much crap. And while I do not have a 'training schedule' per say I do have the thumbs up to exercise as I feel... and I'm sure if I told you what I feel like doing right now I would be judged til no end as a crazy triathlete who doesn't have her priorities straight... so I'll just keep it to myself for now.


Beth said...

I can't wait to see Halloween pictures!!! How fun! :)

mtanner said...

Of course we like Moana updates too! But I always want to hear :)

Kim said...

need pictures of moana in that costume STAT!

Angela and David said...

I bet Moana is going to do it up right as a Fairy. Zach is going to be Lightning McQueen. The challenging part is that he wants me to be Chick Hicks.

rr said...

She's so cute.

And I'm with you. I am happily training along on my own schedule, feeling good... the usual. Will you run the hon mary again this year?