Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Playlist

The Awards Ceremony after Kona was inspiring (to say the least). The best part (I thought) was the video they put together and played at the end... super cool. I looked for it online somewhere but didn't find it... BUT, through the magic of Shazam (love that ap!) I captured the playlist they used for the video. It's now on my ipod and you can bet I'll have all these songs burned into my brain after the amount of running I plan to do while listening to them in the next year. So whether you were there at the awards and saw that video or are planning on being at the awards next year, here are the songs to inspire you in 2012.

Have a Little Faith In Me; John Hiatt
Sunny Hours; Long Beach Dub All Stars &
Shine; Shannon Noll
Back to Front (Circular Logic); DJ Shadow
Coming Around Again; Simon Webbe
Lasso; Phoenix
Harder Better Faster Stronger; Daft Punk
Hold You (Hold Yuh); Gyptian


mmmonyka said...

I have no plans on being at Kona award ceremony in 2012, I don't run with music and I don't know any of those songs but I will check them out just out of curiosity to see what motivates BSCrazies like you :)

idropboys said...

Love it!!!

Jean said...

Awesome, thanks. I've been looking for new running tunes.

Angela and David said...

Thanks - I desperately need new stuff on my playlist.