Friday, September 30, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

Oh wait, September is over now? That would mean... um yes, it is October (ok almost). Which means I should be paying bills right now but whatever... I'll get to that later. Blog and FB come first! Lol.

I've had this song on just about every playlist on my iPod all summer... And what it really means is that oh my It is October and we get to go to Kona! Moana and I are flying over on Sunday... my mom is flying in from Ohio and meeting us there Sunday night... which is awesome. I've wanted my mom to have an opportunity to witness Kona during race week for quite some time now... so there's that... and then she gets to hang with Moana all week which will make them both deliriously happy. It will make me deliriously happy too because then I'll get to be free go cruise around town and do the fun race week stuff and pretend to be cool. Win-win-win for everybody!

The last couple of days have been fun. Julie flew into town and is here in Honolulu doing some work prior to heading over to Kona so we've had a chance to hang out some together. It got me thinking about this whole blog thing and how it is so awesome to actually gain new friends because of it. Somehow Julie and I became blog/FB friends (I don't even quite remember how that happened?) and then we met in person last year in Kona and now it just seems like she is one of my old friends from forever ago... So she wanted to swim while she was here and of course I jumped at the chance to be ocean tour guide yesterday! I showed her a bit of the Roughwater course... We were out there floating in the crystal clear 80 degree water and she was like 'last time I swam in open water it was 59 degrees and so murky I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face'... We had some pretty severe currents (think about swimming ~15' out and ~6' back kind of thing) but I knew that Julie is a strong swimmer so it was awesome that I didn't have to worry about her at all. We could just have fun!

So last night we were making plans for her to come to my side of the island and swim with Nalani and me this morning... and then she asked if she could take a shower at my house after she went for her bike ride. This was like 6:30 last night and outwardly I was like oh sure while internally I just flipped out and immediately went into frantic cleaning mode. Um, if she was going to use my shower that would mean she would see my bathroom and well, let's just say that by the time I went to bed last night it looked very different than it has all year (maybe since last time my mom came to visit?) I swear I used to be a clean person and I kept this house spotless... but then I got a husband and a dog and a baby... none of whom give a crap if the house is clean or a complete pit. After several years of driving myself nutso trying to keep it perfect all by myself I finally just caved and realized I would live a more peaceful existence if I just stopped worrying about how clean my house was... which is all good until that blogger friend who you don't really know asks to shower in your house. Anyway, the house is spotless now! Unfortunately that will not last through the weekend. Oh well.

Anyway, so Julie went out riding after we swam this morning... I pointed her in the direction... my normal ride... and she was totally pretending to be me (on my bike with my bike shoes and socks lol! We really are long lost sisters) except I tried to tell her that usually it's 25mph winds and dumping rain. I'm not sure she understands what I whine about though b/c this is what she got today.

Let's see... what else? Andrew at Bike Fit 808 offered to do a little Retul tweaking to my new bike to make sure it was set up correctly. My two cents- If you live here you should go see him and have him adjust your bike so it fits right. I knew mine was close b/c it's the same bike as my old one and when the guys at ITB set it up they measured them both out and set it up the same... but close is not exactly the same... the computerized thing Andrew did caused him to tweak just a few little things and Tah-Da! Bike feels super comfortable (just like my old one) and I feel more in control of it. Honestly I didn't think it would be much different but it's definitely all good now. So huge Mahalo to Andrew!

In other news... if you're going to be in Kona next week go stop by the Coffees of Hawaii tent on Ali'i Dr in front of Basils. We ordered some Limited Edition Kona 2011 swim suits from Splish... They are a really pretty blue this year! Seriously there are only 80 total (40 women's and 40 mens) suits for sale (actually less than that b/c one of them is mine and one of them is Chrissie Wellington's and 2 of them I've already sold to friends here). Last year we sold out of the bikini's the very first morning they went on sale! SO, if you plan on swimming out to the floating espresso bar and want a suit to take home to remind you of how freaking cool that was, get to the COH tent early in the week to get your suit. They'll also be there at ~4AM on race morning selling coffee so you can get all perky with your caffeine fix before you even set up the nutrition on your bike next Saturday. :)

Ok and while I'm in selling mode, check out these awesome bike kits that Julie sells! She started a fun little women's group in San Diego called and she brought me one of these kits. How awesome is this? LOVE IT! Truth be told I am sure there are some men here who would probably not think this was funny but whatever. I think it's awesome and can't wait to wear it!

OK I think that's it from here... I won't have a computer in Kona so not sure about my ability to update the blog... though Nalani will probably have her ipad and she's nice like that so maybe she'll let me borrow it? A Hui Hou!


idropboys said...

Thank you for all your hospitality, bike, clothes and more..... LMAO about the cleaning frenzy :) I know what Ironman house is- really I do!

Lizzie said...

Go Michelle!!! So excited to follow you @ Kona. And how great that your mum is coming over to see you race and spend time with Moana - it's going to be a fun week for you!

cherelli said...

Gooooood luck! Have a great week and an awesome race!!

Kelly said...

good luck and have a wonderful time.

Teresa said...

Would LOVE to swim with you in hawaii!!! so excited for you and LOVE the bikinis!!


Mapp said...

I want a idropboys shirt too! Wish Julie would ship to Europe... but I guess I won't be that lucky!
Good luck to both of you for Kona anyway!

hillary biscay said...

i have one of those kits too and love it!! hope to finally meet you in person this week. at the very least, i will be cheering for ya!:)