Monday, June 8, 2009

You Can Dress A Baby Up...

But you can't keep her from eating sand.

We went to watch Nalani and Kurt exchange their vows on Saturday down at the beach. I totally cry at weddings* and this day was no exception. It was really nice. Nalani looked beautiful of course, even with her race number on her arm. Hardly even noticed that, what with all the pretty flowers and the gorgeous dress. I totally stole this picture off of Tom's mobile FB uploads. Thanks, Tom!

And for the record, I think I spotted Kurt's eyes welling up a bit as his bride was walking toward him, so I was not alone in the tears department.

As usual, Moana was a trooper throughout the ceremony, though toward the end she made it clear that she knew there was some sand to be tasted and wanted to go check it out.

There was a great party afterward and just about all our friends were there. Super cool. My apologies to Nalani if Moana stole the show. Someone got her on film dancing on the tables toward the end of the night... Moana, not Nalani... (in her defense, the band was awesome!)... if the pics get forwarded to me I'll post 'em here... otherwise you'll have to use your imagination.

Before all the celebration started, I was able to fit in a great ride. All week I'd been feeling so sluggish- a combination of post-race fatigue and lack of any real training lately I suppose. Reminds me of that Law of Motion... When I'm on a good training roll, seems like I'm always feeling great. But then take a few days off or really easy and I just get all blah. So Saturday we cruised through 56 miles in less than 3 hours, which was cool considering the wind conditions (um, wicked) and the fact that I didn't really feel like I was working very hard. I sat on Motorpace's wheel the entire time and just let him pull me. He was on a mission to get me home in time to get ready for the wedding, so I have him to thank for having time to shave my legs in the shower.

Then Sunday morning I had a fantastic run... set a new personal best on my favorite hilly 10 miler without even trying. Hmmm. CRAZIness, I tell you. I almost didn't wear a watch on that run b/c I didn't even want to know how slow it was going to be, but talked myself into the watch based on the law that 'what gets measured, gets managed',** so better to know how slow I am instead of pretending that I'm not... it was shocking to find out I'm not so slow afterall! Yipee.

And this morning I actually had a good swim, which was surprising given that Nalani was not there. I had to imagine her there beside me when it was time to work hard, which seemed like the whole 2900M main set this morning... I guess I have a good imagination because I swam well. But I have to say, I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I would have had Nalani actually been there. The honeymoon is over, Nalani. Get back from Maui already and come swim with me! ;)

*Seriously, I don't know how I got through my own wedding? Lots of tears. I can be such a sap. I blame it on my mom.

**I should get back to employing this law with the numbers on the bathroom scale. I'ma fraid I totally let it go after the 70.3 last weekend.


Kate Parker said...

Ha, Ha. When I read that "what gets measured...." quote, I totally related it to my avoidance of the scale post vacation.

Glad to know I am not alone in the ignorance is bliss (and tight pants) department this week.

X-Country2 said...

You're faster than you think! You're faster than you think!

(I just love throwing that out whenever I can.)

Charisa said...

Maybe we should try eating sand - it might taste good!? :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Um, I totally hear you on the ignorance is (sometimes) bliss. On my easy runs - I never wear a hr monitor(I just don't want to know)...but same thing with the scale. Have one, but rarely step on it. I figure if the clothes fit... :)

Yeah for weddings! They are so fun! And a bride with race numbers burned into her arm? Fantastic!

Happy training and enjoy the next build cycle (bwahahahahahaha!)

Lizzie said...

When two of our friends got married, the bride cried so hard they had to pause the vows so she could recover - it was really sweet and they're one of the most fun couples we know.

I am beginning to think Moana might be onto something the rest of us don't know about the nutritional value of sand!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I cry at weddings too! I just can't help it. Also, it sounds like your training is back in fully swing.

Clare said...

i used to get on that scale faithfully until about 4 months i don't want to know! but i like your quote, i need to know where i am to know what to do.

Natalie D said...

Moana looks adorable! The wedding looks beautiful and it sounds like some great workouts were had this weekend! very nice!

Roo said...

My kind of girl, dancing on the table!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Sounds like you are fully recovered from last weekend!

I never wear any kind of speed measuring device (on the run or on the bike). Ignorance is bliss is my mantra!

Moana must be developing quite the digestive system with all that sand.