Monday, June 15, 2009

Crawling For The Prize

Well, as much fun as that was yesterday to share my personal humiliation with all of you, let's change the subject, shall we?

How about a Pop Quiz!

What is the worst thing you can do to a baby who has just learned to crawl?

Pause for answer...

If you said, "Put her on an airplane from Honolulu to LA where she is restricted to her mom's lap for 5 1/2 hours... then, in the middle of the night, transfer her to another plane where she is again stuck on her mom's lap for another 5 hours as they fly all night to Chicago. THEN get on yet another plane where she is, once again, stuck prisoner on her mom's lap for one more flight to Cleveland..." you would be correct!

Yeah, that's what we're going to do to Moana in about 48 hours. If I'm really lucky, and cross my fingers real hard, she may even cut her first tooth just as we board that first flight. I can feel a little lump right there on her bottom gum where apparently something is getting ready to pop through.

Don't you wish you were me this week?

Besides the flying the baby across the Pacific Ocean and then across the continental United States, I'm actually quite excited to take Moana home to Ohio. I grew up in Hudson, Ohio and most of my family is still there. So she'll get to meet her grandpa, a couple of uncles, aunts, cousins, and her one great grandma! I'm envisioning lots of photos being taken this weekend. And I know The Laundry Fairy is just beside herself with excitement about her little granddaughter crawling all over the house while puking as much as she can on the clean carpet. Luckily, Grammy loves that kind of stuff.

In good news, Scott (otherwise known as The Sherpa when we travel) is coming too, so it's not like I'll be handling Moana and all her stuff all on my own. This is also going to be Scott's first trip to my hometown and though he's met some of my family already, there are others he has not yet met. Luckily, he is already married to me so he can't change his mind even after he meets the rest of the clan.

Here's a little video I took the other day of my offspring learning to crawl. I think this is so funny because a) She's so cautious and deliberate about picking her hands up and b) her timing and coordination clearly mark her as a beginner crawler. It's also kind of classic how she bypasses her baby toys and goes for the real prize.


cat. said...

love it, the iphone!!

uhhhmmm, hellllooooo ... did you say L.A.!?!?!

Natalie D said...

Hahha, adorable! I love how she goes for the phone. I'm excited for Nick to crawl (except for all of the childproofing!)

Uh oh, I'd be nervous for flying, I already am w/ nick. She'll do great though, she's so flexible and low key!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Oh I love when they crawl like that and pick their hands up real high!

Good luck with the flight. I have been terrified on each long flight and then been pleasantly surprised so hopefully Moana will do the same. The key is to sit next to some people who have grandchildren. They will just sit there and smile no matter what Moana does.

Let me know if you get stuck in Chicago!

Angela said...

I've yet to try and take the boys on a plane...let me know how that goes.

It's funny how the simplest things are what they want. We spend all this money on toys and at the end of the day it's a wooden spoon and tupperware bowl that win first prize.

Trisaratops said...

Love the video! She is so cute! J is obsessed with my phone. He even somehow texted my buddy once and marked it "urgent!" ha ha!

Wait--you're from HUDSON?!?! I'm in Bay Village! Too funny! What a small world! Hope the travels go well!

Rebecca DeWire said...

That crawling video is so adorable. Before you know it she will tearing around the house :)

Good luck with your travels to Ohio. I would be nervous about all those flights, but that is great that The Sherpa is traveling with you.

jessica said...

So, when people live in paradise, they spend their summer vacations in... Ohio? ;)

Here's hoping the tooth fairy cooperates -- we kicked things off with the first one last week, and while it completely disrupted his sleep and tripled the already high drool factor, he really was such a little trooper.

And, your embarrassing story was a riot. Sure, the story itself was a doozy, but what really cracked me up was that you had to share it! I always do that -- guess it just feels better to release it to the world :)

Lizzie said...

Have fun visiting home - I get to go home in October and can't wait! Maybe you and Scott will get some time for a nice quiet dinner since I am pretty sure you won't be short of willing baby-sitters! :)

Straight for the iPhone - and who could blame her? Hope the flights go well!

Regina said...

Good Luck with your flight(s). It only gets worse when they learn to walk, then you're up walking the entire flight.

Love how she went for the iphone, classic! If you had had the box it came in as a choice on the floor, that would have won out over the phone itself, "what is this crap in this lovely box!"

she is adorable!

BriGaal said...

I have been to Hudson! I have a childhood friend who grew up there. Good luck with all that traveling...can you drug her a bit? Or is that bad? I am going to need so much help when my husband and I have kids.

X-Country2 said...

Can you drug a kid for 20 hours? Yeah, probably. Bad idea. :o)

Beth said...

Have a great trip!!! Cleveland is soo, soo close to Pittsburgh....Hey - are you in for an open water swim race in Lake Erie on Saturday???? We could meet in Erie!! :) Anyway - hope you guys have safe travel and an excellent time visiting family!

DC Running Mama said...

Oh, wow! How exciting! Nathan just started doing the backwards scooting and I can't wait for the crawling (of course, I can...b/c our whole house needs to be child proofed!) Good luck w/ the flight. Pack bottles for take off and landing!!

Clare said...

moana will be a trooper...she can crawl up and down the aisles and make friends!!

Charisa said...

Congrats on the plane trip and making it!! CUte :)

Ange said...

I hope the plane trip was ok!!! I'm sure she did fine. Enjoy your family vaca..
and I'm sorry but I'm cracking up at your last post. You are awesome to share awful. I would have died to...and escaped as if nothign had happened just like you.