Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday: By The Numbers

Bike ride start time: 6:30 AM.

Time we actually pedaled away: 6:29 AM. (Gotta love those military folks who know the meaning of on time.)

Distance to turn-around point at Sunset Beach: 31 miles.

Time it took to get to turn around point at Sunset Beach: 1 hr, 19 minutes. New record.

Average speed on way out: 23.3 mph.

Number of times I asked Motorpace to back off and let me recover for a minute: Once.

Minutes he eased up to let me recover: 2.

Speed at which those 2 minutes of recovery were ridden: 21 mph.

Minutes spent resting at Sunset Beach: 9.

Average speed on way home, into stiff headwind: 20.8 mph.

Number of times I got dropped: 0.

Time we arrived home after 62 miles, including rest stop and red lights: 9:31 AM.

Minutes spent running post-ride: 30.

Minutes spent in ice bath, after drinking recovery shake: 17.

I am currently employing every recovery effort known to me in an attempt to get my legs back before tomorrow morning. I don't know what I was thinking signing up for a 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning?? Actually, I figured it would be fine~ I just didn't know that Motorpace was gonna be lighting the pavement on fire as we rode today...


cat. said...

sweet numbers!

ha! i had the feeling something good was up for tomorrow when i saw jen's FB note. nice.

i bet it'll be *beyond*!

: )

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Eek gads! NICE RIDE! Enjoy that recovery - you have earned it! :)

Clare said...

i love that you would ride 62 hard miles (and run) the day before a half marathon! you are crazy and it's fun to read about!

Rebecca DeWire said...

That ride was crazy fast! Wow, I am so impressed. Good luck with the half marathon and I hope your legs hold up :)

Lizzie said...

Good luck in the half!!

Angela said...

"wow you are SUPER DUPER FAST" as ryan would say.

Hope the 1/2 Marathon goes well.

cherelli said...

yeah - what they all said. hope your body enjoys the challenge in the half marathon.

N.D. said...

Great ride today!!