Wednesday, June 24, 2009

El Tour De Eating

At home, for the most part, we eat pretty healthy. For the most part, we eat meals prepared at home, consisting of lots of fresh stuff that grows naturally. It works for us.

But When In Ohio...

Yes! A half stick of butter for everyone!

It's been meat and potatoes, followed by hamburgers and chips, followed by steak and potatoes. And ice cream. With cookies.

Scott had never been to Bob Evans prior to this trip, but he's been initiated now. The food might taste good, but those massive plates of cholesterol are like a heart attack waiting to happen. Luckily, they don't force babies to order off the menu in these restaurants... so Moana was allowed to eat her squash.

Scott also got to try Chipotle for the first time. Now this is actually one that I wish we could get in Hawaii.

El Tour De Eating in Ohio is ending, which is bittersweet. It's good for me to get out of here while I can still fit in my shorts, but it'll be sad to take Moana away from her Grammy. They've really had a good bonding week. And now I'm going to have to do my own laundry again.

The really bad news is that, inevitably, I got sick while I was here. I don't think I've ever actually traveled to the mainland and not gotten sick. It happens every time. I think it's just too much for my immune system to miss a night's sleep while flying for 12 hours, in and out of busy airports, and then try to adjust to a 6 hour time change... I do what I can stocking myself up on all the immune boosting stuff I can get my hands on, but it's not enough. And you know that when I get sick, Moana is going to get sick. Poor thing. Her eyes are all red and puffy and her nose is running and she's sneezing a ton... And as much as we know I like telling you gross stories, I'm purposely avoiding telling you details about the diarrhea. (oh, it was bad.) She hasn't had a schedule really at all since we've been here so it's been hurry up and sleep in the car on the way to our next destination... and let's not even talk about adjusting her to a 6 hour time change... or back to Hawaii time for that matter... She finally did get adjusted, just in time for us to leave, so she'll be wide awake and ready to start the day at midnight when we get home. So much for me sleeping to help my body get over this sickness.

And the dread... oh, the dread... of getting back on those airplanes to take Moana home... ohhhh nooooo pleeeaaase nooooo... I don't personally have a fear of flying or anything like that, but I do dread putting Moana through that long uncomfortable situation again, especially now since she's not feeling well. And her first tooth is popping through. It makes me feel like a cruel parent.

So if you don't hear from me for a while, it's just because I'm recovering from the whole ordeal. This is when I wish I could just click my heels three times and be magically transported across the ocean.


N.D. said...

awww.. good luck. I hope it goes better than your trip out! All that butter, yum!! :) haha. It must be hard having your mom so far away! But nice to see her when you do.

Hope you feel better. Glad you had a good trip. I love chipotle.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope you and Moana start to feel better. I know how bad it is when both mom and baby are sick. Hopefully you guys adjust to being back home quickly.

And true story - I once flew with a Chipolte burrito (vegetarian) in my back pack to Slovakia. I was visiting my friend teaching english there and she was craving one badly.

Lizzie said...

Hope you and Moana feel better soon! Who knows? Maybe she'll know she's going home and be excited and happy to be on the plane! Or you could just click your heels - I wish I could do that all the time! :)

Angela said...

hopefully she'll adjust more quickly going back...I find it easier to adjust when I'm going west for some reason.

Sorry you guys don't feel well, but yippie for a first tooth! Watch out about sticking fingers near her mouth now!! Trust me it hurts.

X-Country2 said...

Good luck traveling home. You'll be there before you know it.

(And yes Chipotle NEEDS to be available to everyone!)

Regina said...

I have been in your shoes. I completely sympathize. Hope you have a smooth, fast, uneventful flight home!
feel better.

Kate Parker said...

Fingers crossed for you guys for an easy trip. NO FUN for anyone!

Newt said...

Oooh, butter and Chipotle! Niiiiice.

Hope your trip home goes smoothly!

Beth said...

Oh! I hope you and Moana both get to feeling better soon. I see lots of rest in your future once you make it home!!