Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mud Run

This was not our sunrise this morning. This was yesterday morning. Nice, huh?

Today looked like this.

I woke up at 5:25 to the sound of a text message coming through from Tom... telling me about the rain... as if I hadn't been listening to it all night... wondering if we were still planning on the 'Trainer at the Track 'workout out this morning. My reply to Tom: "Toughen Up."

I put a little :) at the end so he wouldn't think I was a complete b*tch.

When I told Jen that my mom was going to be here this week to watch Moana so I was going to have opportunities to ride my bike outside, this isn't exactly what I was expecting.

I gotta say though, I just love Nalani. She is the best training partner a gal could have. She's reliable. She shows up on time. She never complains or gives excuses about anything. We train hard together without actually racing each other. And she's just an overall great person!

So earlier in the week before I told Nalani about this workout, I thought she might look at me like I was nuts and tell me to have fun dragging my trainer to the track... although my gut told me (and I was really hoping) that maybe she'd be up for it. Sure enough, I told her what the plan was and I swear, I hadn't seen her smile that big since she announced her engagement to Kurt.

And I never questioned that Nalani would show up with her bike trainer to ride and run on a muddy track this morning.

It was really more like slip-n-slide.

Ok, maybe not quite like slip-n-slide.

But at the end of 16 laps around the track at race pace, Tom and Nalani looked like this.

And I swear, I did the same workout they did. But I guess I was more of a princess picking my way around the mud puddles rather than running straight through them, because at the end my legs looked like this. Go figure.

Regardless, that was my favorite track workout yet. I'll take mile repeats over 400's anyday. Even in the mud.


Charisa said...

Haha - that is awesome that they are all muddy and you look super duper clean :) Sounds like a great workout with great friends!

cat. said...

i SO want training partners like you have! i'm the kind that always shows up too ... i need a copy of me or (yes, i'll say it again) come move to hawaii.

congratulations on the hard, fun work! i can't believe you didn't wind up muddy like they did. hahaha!


N.D. said...

You are a trouper. Great job! I love it everytime I come to your blog - I love the picture @ the top. So adorable!

Jennifer Harrison said...

AWESOME Michelle!! NOW those track times for the mile repeats you gave me are EVEN MORE impressive after I see that water-logged track. holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

X-Country2 said...

You did stay all clean. Amazing. I'd totally be the one covered in mud.

Angela and David Kidd said...

I want a Nalani.

Impressive work on that track. I'm the opposite of you. I love the 800s and 400s and much prefer them over the mile repeats.

naisqu said...

Oh wow. I had every intention of quietly coming over to read your blog to see the mud pictures, and am now leaving a comment. I think Kurt’s tired of hearing me talk about how grateful I am that you and Bob let me tag along and so openly give encouragement/motivation/advice! I feel like I’m learning much. Next, I would like to learn how you stayed so clean…

DC Running Mama said...

Dang, woman. HARDCORE!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am so jealous of your amazing training partners. That is too funny about your clean legs.