Friday, April 17, 2009

Moana Goes Swimming

I've been waiting for the weather here to warm up a bit more... enough to take the chill off of the unheated water in the pool here at our condo complex anyway. And while I wouldn't call the pool water warm at this point, it is tolerable enough to not make a baby cry.

So Moana put on her Little Swimmer diapers and went swimming!! First time in a pool...

As a swimmer, I've been dreaming of the day when I could take my offspring into the water. Because like any proud mom*, I'm convinced that she's got the swimmer genes and I can't wait to extract them from her by any means necessary.

I asked the maintenance guy who was taking his lunch break at the pool to take a picture of Moana and me in the water. He didn't speak English, and apparently didn't know how to work a digital camera... because although he thought he snapped the shot, he didn't actually push the button. So the precious mother daughter moment had to be captured by my own hand. This is the best I could do.

So what did I learn today?

A) Moana likes the water! (Of course she does.)
B) Wet babies wearing sunscreen are slipperier than regular wet babies.
C) Taking pictures of a slippery baby with one hand while trying not to let go of her with the other hand is harder than it sounds.
D) Swimming makes a baby hungry and tired. Just like her mom.

She was quite curious about the whole thing. First I just dipped her feet in. When there was no problem with that, she went in up to her knees. Then she sat on the first step. Eventually we went in up to our waists and I was able to swing her around a little bit. I think she liked that! She wasn't such a fan of floating on her back because she just didn't relax in that position, but once when she accidentally got her face wet, she didn't seem bothered a bit. Surprised, but not bothered.

It's really fun that Moana is getting a little older and able to do cool stuff like this! Taking my daughter swimming was easily the highlight of the week for me.

*Scott, as the Proud Dad, is convinced that she will be the next soccer star. Stay tuned for video footage of the not-quite-six-month-old-girl kicking a soccer ball. It's a must see!


Mnowac said...

Surely she can and will be a swimming and soccer star :) Such a cutie.

cat. said...

ohmigod!!! is it ridiculous that i am so excited for both you and her!?!?!

the expressions on her face are priceless!

sooooooo fun. : )

Angela said...

She did better than Ryan does now at 2.5 years old. He's a little "cautious" of all things. We actually went swimming today and got a decent response this time.

Brayden on the other hand LOVES the water.

Glad you had such a great outing. You're getting into the really fun age 8-18 months are great before the terrible twos hit.

Lizzie said...

She is just so cute. That's awesome that she likes the water (I think I remember her first time at the beach video - she wasn't too thrilled . . .. but then again I'm not thrilled with too cold water either! :o)) Love the little rashi guard.

X-Country2 said...

How cute! She's going to kill it in the pool some day soon.

Sara said...

That looks like so much fun...I'm so bummed I missed you! The fam is still here and it's been a little bit crazy. Not sure if we'll make it in the morning for the swim. It was GORGEOUS down there this morning! We took Sara for her first "surf session" this week...we'll definitely be posting pictures whenever we update the long overdue blog! Good luck on Sunday!!!

N.D. said...

i loooooove the new pic! swimming looks sooo fun. like you i cannot wait to bring nick in the pool.

Mer! said...

Getting caught up here!! She is PRECIOUS..oh my gosh....look at that face!!!

I laughed about the sunscreen and "Slipperier".....good to know, this baby is going to be swimming before it can walk!!! If it can do nothing else, it...will...swim! And this post is very motivating for me =0.

What an adorable day! I think it'd be great if she did soccer AND swimming! =0