Monday, April 13, 2009

Moana Goes Bananas

Moana is getting the hang of how to use a spoon. Like a little bird, she opens her mouth to gleefully accept anything that spoon offers*. No questions asked.

Of course, once she gets a taste of something new, it might come right back out of those lips faster than it went in... and then we've (ok, I've) got some cleaning up to do.

So I've learned to practice solid foods with her twice a day- once in the morning before we change her out of her pj's, and once in the evening before bath time. So far we're doing pretty well with a mix of rice cereal and bananas. This mix is only really a problem when she sneezes before she swallows, in which case bananas end up all over me and the surrounding vicinity.

And it looks like somebody is getting pretty darn close to sitting up on her own. She can do it for a few seconds before toppling over if her legs are positioned right out in front of her and she leans forward on her hands.

So it's Monday, which is typically a recovery day, for both Moana and me. Seems weekends lately have been big for both of us... me on my bike (mostly), and Moana at her dad's soccer games or out on the town with us at some social event. Weekends wear us both out, and lucky for mama, that means extra long naps on Mondays for Moana. :)

But this isn't just a recovery day for me, it's a recovery week... so... What to do? What to do? A trip to the local mall was in order (man it's a good thing I'm a triathlete and normally have other ways to occupy my time because going to the mall isn't really my thang...). Anyway, turns out I'm actually a complete sucker for those cute cute cute clothes at The Children's Place. Seems they're always on sale and Moana always gets new clothes when we walk in to check out what's new.

Now I've been instructed by Cat to check out Mini-Boden... oh boy... here we go.

*What's funny is that I've been mixing up her solids in an espresso cup (since she just eats a little bit at a time right now)... consequently she now thinks that anything in an espresso cup is for her... one of these mornings when she reaches out for my hot shot she's gonna accidentally get a little surprise. ;)


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

She's absolutely adorable - and the outfit and espresso cup totally make her even cuter (if that's possible). Love the image of her sneezing with bananas and cereal. You know, it's happened to me as well... :)

DC Running Mama said...

I LOVE boden...beWARE!!!

Also--good idea w/ feeding b/f changing out of PJ's and b/f bath!

Moana's personality is really starting to shine...such a happy baby!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH she is sooo cute .....I love the banana baby food. hee hee..AND BODEN and hanna anderson -- just all so cute!!! Little girls are just so fun! rest up. :)

cat. said...

oh man ... i may need to become "auntie cat" if it means i can shop.

and i feel ya on the sneezed rice cereal ... 'cept it was me at my age as opposed to her 6 months!!

maybe i need to pick me up a stylish bib while i'm at it.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am not a mall person, either, and thank goodness my mom buys Elena clothes or she wouldn't have many! I love that shirt, that is adorable.

Alicia Parr said...

Oh wow! Moana's going to be learning so much the next few months you won't want to miss a thing. And that spoon looks so BIG in her hand. Is that a standard size baby spoon? She must be a petite little thing or maybe it's the camera angle.

And very funny about the sneezing and espresso cup!

N.D. said...

thats really cute about the espresso shot! and cute outfit! she's doing great w/ sitting!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

That is hysterical about the espresso cup. And I can't shop and not buy Zach clothes. Thank goodness that boys clothes aren't nearly as cute as girl's clothes.

Lizzie said...

I LOVE the photo of Moana (almost) sitting up, but the title of your blog entry with the banana pic underneath had me laughing from the start!

I also forewarn you about Mini-Boden - the 5 year old I sit for has taken to getting the catalogues when they arrive and circling the outfits she thinks her mum should be buying her!