Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't I Know You?

Grammy is here playing with Moana this week. She's in heaven.

She came over yesterday afternoon and told me that while she was walking around in Lanikai that morning, she saw the folks racing the Kahala Challenge. She was so proud of herself because she spotted Rachel Ross running. She's never met Rachel. But she recognizes her from her blog. Too funny. Bet Rachel didn't know that my mom reads her blog.

Then this morning she came back over with another fun story... getting coffee at the Kalapawai Cafe, she recognized Kelley's baby, Sara. She didn't know Kelley's husband, Ryan, but she knew that he won the Kahala Challenge yesterday. She knew that because I read Kelley's update on Facebook yesterday out loud. She probably freaked the heck of of him when she walked up to him and congratulated him on his race and then called his daughter by name. I swear, Ryan, my mom is not a stalker. She just reads your blog.

Isn't it funny how we think we know people we've never met because we read their blogs?

Yesterday I didn't feel too bad leaving Scott and Moana and heading out for my bike ride. Moana was busy being schooled by her dad on the star players from Manchester United. She was mesmerized.

Today we loaded up the whole family and headed up to the north shore. It was perfect at Sunset Beach today. Scott went surfing with several of his lifelong buddies and the wives/kids hung out in the sand.

Moana loves the beach.

Mom joked today about how she feels like she's on vacation. I told her that she is on vacation. Truth be told, I felt like I was on vacation too. Except, this is my life. :)


IronMatron said...

Have you always lived in Hawaii? I can't IMAGINE living year round in that paradise! So lucky, you are. Or so smart. Or both.

I feel like I'm best friends with all of the bloggers whose blogs I read--even though I've actually met very few of them. It is funny!

Charisa said...

And it's good to have a life that feels like you are on vacation :)

I know, it's funny how we can be great friends with bloggers we have never met!

N.D. said...

such a nice life. I wish I could move to Hawaii and join you guys! moana is so cute, lil beach lover! so funny about your mom reading the blogs!

Sara said...

It was so much fun meeting your mom today :-) I feel like a celebrity...HA! We'll definitely have to do a beach day again...Sara loves it!

X-Country2 said...

How great that your mom gets to be a part of Moana growing up. :o)

Mnowac said...

She is getting so big, I love the head full of hair! Hope you have a nice visit with grandma.

Angela and David Kidd said...

I am so jealous! My life does not feel like vacation (but I can check people'e blogs at work now so work life is much improved).

That is hysterical about your mom recognizing everyone from your blog. You've created a little online community.

Lizzie said...

I am so jealous everytime you post pics of you and Moana at the beach - if I was there I would be in the same outfits (well, not the tiny pink rashee, but you get the idea)! That's great that your mum is visiting. Moana is a little beach bub! It's nice that your husband has lifel long friends he does regular things with. My husband still has a pretty close knit group from high school, even though they're all over the country and when they get together it's always a lot of fun (though no surfing unfortunately!)

rr said...

That's so nice your mom knew me :)

I love it when the grandma is in town.. sorry she had to leave, doesn't it make life awesome?

And ummm, can I have some of your motivation please please pretty please?