Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tummy Time In The Sand

Another beautiful day here in the islands... Moana got to go the beach for lunch. Her daddy found a beach where the wind wasn't completely making the waves junk so he had some fun too. Moana got to have her tummy time today in the sand. I tried not to feel like a bad mom taking my daughter to the beach in her pajamas. But it was still a bit chilly today and I figured the Pooh Bear feet would be easier than trying to keep a pair of socks on her feet. Besides, who wouldn't want to hang out at the beach in their pj's?
Moana was practicing rolling over today. I got it on video but this darn blogger thing won't upload it correctly right now, so use your imagination.

I know that Moana is going to eat plenty of sand in her lifetime... I tried to delay the inevitable as long as possible but I'm afraid there was some sand eating today. She didn't even cry. Clearly a beach baby.

Now with all this fun beachtime activity, some of you may be wondering how I possibly got in my run... never fear... Scott dropped me off at a beach park about 10 miles from the house and made me run home. Ok, he didn't really make me run home, but I ran anyway. ;)
It was an awesome run on a perfect day.*

*Yes, I'm trying to make Angela jealous so she'll come out to play...


Angela and David Kidd said...

It's working! I want to run in postcard perfect settings.

The Chapples said...

You're making many an enemy on the mainland with posts like this! ;)

Sounds like an awesome day, Michelle. I bet I could convince Jason to move to Hawaii...

N.D. said...

You are making enemies. Haha. Sounds great!!! Cute pics!

rr said...

The days have been so incredibly clear!

Wyatt ate nothing but sand for his first 4 months on Kauai. I think it's not unlike psyllium fiber.

What's the first tri on the sched?

Moana is beautiful!!!