Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Influence

Look who got a Bebe Pod Chair...

I didn't even know these chairs existed until I saw that Angela had Zach in one... then Kelley had Sara in one... Then Allison had Baker in one. I wasn't going to give in to the peer pressure to get her one of these because my first thought was that she wouldn't be able to use it that long (she'll be sitting up on her own soon, eh?) and they're too expensive. But then when Moana got to try Sara's last week at the beach I was sold. Thank goodness for Craigslist.

I hope I'm not a push-over like this when she's a teenager.

But all this got me to thinking about how my exposure to these other athlete/mom blogs has changed my thinking and doing over the last 6 months or so. I've really enjoyed keeping up with the life happenings of so many bloggers recently. Funny how I feel like I know you all even though the only one I really know is Kelley.

How have I benefitted from reading these blogs from moms who have gone before me?

Well, I've increased my running, because shoot, if Natalie can run 30+ miles/week in her third trimester of pregnancy, surely I can too since I'm not pregnant anymore. Now 35-40 miles/week seems more normal to me. I remember Allison writing one time about running with the baby jogger and how she charged up a hill with it- I haven't walked a hill with mine since. And 13 miles doesn't seem that long for a long run because DC Running Mama has been popping off 15 milers and she gave birth after I did... and my goal time for the 1/2 marathon in Maui next weekend? Not that fast when you compare it to Angela's 1:32 last weekend... Rebecca was on a running streak for a while and that didn't sound like a bad idea so now I'm 20 days into my first ever running streak. And Kate has given me some good ideas for new songs to download to the iPod. Funny how I think of her when those songs come on!

And when Moana was straining her neck to turn around and look at the TV last night, I knew that was normal because Alicia said Remy does the same thing... When I'm feeling a little stressed out about fitting everything in, I know that Allison is feeling the same way. Sleep deprived? Kelley was for a long time (and Angela still is!) but now Sara is sleeping 11 hours at a time so I have that to look forward to in the coming weeks. And the giggling! The giggling is coming and I can't wait!

So I guess all this is just a long way of saying Thanks to those other Athlete Mamas out there who keep me inspired (and sane).


DC Running Mama said...

I totally feel the same way! I am so happy to have such cool people to motivate me!! And, don't you forget that your tri training is impressive to all of us!

The Chapples said...

I also feel the same way! You guys are my inspiration!!

Kate Parker said...

Me too.

Hard to find like minded moms out there...esp. ones that share this crazy need to race, run, swim and bike. But, SO nice when you find 'em.

N.D. said...

AWw, what a cute post!! That thing looks really cute. You are doing great, keep it up!! I feel special :)

X-Country2 said...

Great post and great collection of links. I'm hoping to do the baby thing soon, so I'll for sure be back to check out all that great moms around here. (Including you, my dear!)

Ordinarylife said...

I feel similar, but because we are thinking of having kids and all the woman I know seem to STOP everything. It has been great to read your blog, follow you through your pregnancy and now motherhood and see there is another way.

You have made it seem like a much less scary thing to do. So thank you.

Rebecca DeWire said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for introducing me to other athlete/mom blogs that I haven't seen yet. I am so inspired by everyone and I know that blogging has made me a better athlete.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Like the others, I feel the same way. Finding this group of new mothers who are also athletes has really helped me stay sane and I find the others (especially you) so inspiring.

Moana is adorable in her seat. Zach's legs are about to be too fat to fit in his seat much longer.