Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anticipate the Move

It's all about the wind here in Hawaii. Usually winds come from the east and that brings the weather we're used to. Mostly sunny, passing tradewind showers, overall very pleasant and warm.

The last 2 days wind came from the west, so it was whipping around down off the mountains and knocked over trees and stuff. This was the tree on my street this morning.

Today winds are coming from the north, which means its cold. For us anyway. Cold for us. I think it was like 65 degrees this morning and I had to dig around in the spare closet to find my arm warmers in some bottom drawer buried underneath some old jeans that don't fit anymore. I know I'm gaining all of your sympathy. But seriously, I smelled like mothballs on the ride this morning.

The other thing about wind coming out of the north was that the sky was completely clear blue. Reminded me of Arizona sky. So. Pretty. AND, it meant that we got the headwind on the way out while we were riding this morning... those of you who are a little sharper will figure out what this meant for us coming home... WOOOHOO!

Fast. So very fast. Awesome fun. I was riding with a group of 6... 3 fast guys among us. It was a solid steady pace the whole time coming home, but I knew it was gonna get crazy fast through the rollers. It becomes a fun little road race at the end of the ride each week. Last week I made it maybe half way with the guys before my legs exploded and I got dropped. This week I was gonna give it a go again and see how it went... unfortunately I found myself in the back of the pack leading into the fast part but I didn't want to miss the break when it happened... so I really had to anticipate the move. Who's the fastest guy? Who's gonna jump first? When is he gonna go?

I was nervous and twitching going up the first little incline. No move yet but I knew it was coming. Finally I saw Spence stand up and instantly I geared down and went for it. I was on the edge for much of the next 5 miles, but managed to hang on! It was so much fun. I love aggressive riding.

Check out the view I had at the end of my brick run today... The mountains looked like they were painted on that awesome blue sky.

Progress is being made on the fitness front. I did the same ride/run today as last week... but this week it was faster, I felt stronger, I didn't die at the end of the run, and I'm not passed out on my bed right now.


Angela and David Kidd said...

Even when trees fall down there it's still gorgeous. Sounds like you are getting some great rides in. I'm a terrible group rider, I always miss the break. Another reason I spend so much time on my trainer - no one can drop me.

Sara said...

Wasn't it a beautiful day today!? I road this morning too and it was freezing :) I had the head wind on the way back though...I'm not in shape for that yet!

Clare said...

wow, sounds like you're back in impressive shape...hope i have the motivation to make it happen that fast (though on a much smaller scale, i think!).

Alicia Parr said...

The idea that your arm warmers smell like mothballs is hilarious! Anyway, I admit that 60-some degrees is enough for me to bring out the sleeves too. Maybe even leg warmers if that's as warm as it's getting. Chicagoland people may laugh, but oh well!

Also, great job making the break. That is always a goal of mine when I'm in those big boy groups and I'm always excited when I make it.

X-Country2 said...

Another great day in paradise. :o)

Sounds like you're almost back to fighting shape.

N.D. said...

Wow - great job! IT looks really windy for sure. The view there is beautiful!!!