Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 Months Old!

It's such a cliche and everyone says it... but I can't believe how fast babies grow up! Moana is 3 months old today, and yes, I'm the cliche saying I just can't believe she's so old already! I can totally see how the first year just flies by and I'll be like, "Remember when she was so little..."

Pretty soon she'll be eating real food and crawling and walking and talking and all that, but for now, we're happy with the little things. Like how today she reached out for a toy gym animal with an open hand instead of her little fist... and how her 'talking' is becoming louder with more varied sounds... how she experiments with her voice on her own now instead of just when she's looking directly at me or Scott. We can hear her cute noises from across the room... It's just all so entertaining.

And she's put herself on a much more predictable schedule so I don't really wonder anymore if/when she's going to be hungry. For the most part, she's eating at 3 hour intervals, with play time and short naps taking up the rest of the day. It's much easier for me now to plan my day and get things done (read: ride my bike trainer) when I'm confident about what she's going to need and when she's going to need it.

We've nailed down a good little exercise routine for her too. She practices holding her head up and she's great at it now.

She can bear all of her weight on her legs (and actually prefers to try to stand most of the time).

And all you athletes out there worried that Moana's little legs might be getting too much of a workout... don't fret... she's got her recovery socks on.


Ordinarylife said...

Your comment on her last photo is so funny. When I saw the photo I had to laugh. She is gorgeous!

Angela said...

3 months...wow. Isn't it great! She's such a cutie pie!

You look terrific by the way and congrats on the 1/2 this past weekend.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I LOVE the recovery socks. Moana is such a cutey!

N.D. said...

I can't believe it has been 3 months! What a cutie!!

DC Running Mama said...

Um...I don't get how the age thing works...is 3 months, 3 months from when they are born or 12 weeks?? She's adorable! Seeing her with her head up reminds me that I REALLY need to do more tummy time for my little man. Bad mommy.

Alicia Parr said...

Great socks! You look amazing. There's no way I could go around baring my midriff with all the stretch marks and loose skin I have there. Other people would be pointing, whispering and making ick faces.

Angela and David Kidd said...

She is so cute. She and Sara are going to break Zach's little heart one day.

Zach loves to stand as well. Unfortunately he is more interested in pulling his recovery socks off than recovering.